Friday, December 12, 2008

Work ladies Christmas party!!

Warning picture overload!! Our goofy group:) Much better. Aren't we such a good looking group?!
Me trying to get back after setting the timer on the camera and being the spaz that I am when I messed it up!
I just love these girls:)
Of course we totally love to eat!!
Sorry Cindy I just couldn't resist putting in your lovely pose!
Wow Julie!! So sexy!!
Mandi and Annette...Aren't they cute?:)

Today we had our annual just for the ladies work Christmas party! I love going to these little shindigs. We had fabulous food as always. Good company. A fun, fun, fun gift exchange and loads of visiting. I am so glad I work with who I work with. They are an awesome group and loads of fun. It is amazing we get along so well but we do and really seem to enjoy each others company. Thanks for a fun afternoon gals:)

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CASSIE said...

uhhummmm...still bitter!! :)