Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Signing!

This Saturday Matt and the kids went to Changing Hands bookstore (we love this store and wished we lived closer) for a book signing of F Minus. Matt loves Tony Carrillo's work and I do have to say the comics are rather amusing. I did have to warm up to them at first. This past summer Kristina took drawing and comic making classes from him and loved it! She brought along a picture she made for him and he had her sign it. She thought that was pretty awesome. They had a fun day.
PS Riley was being a stinker and wouldn't be in the picture:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hiking at the Superstition Mountains

Today I went hiking with my most awesome big bro Richard, my nephew Marcus, my sweet co-worker/friend Mandi, and my brother's physical therapist Tina on the Superstition Mountain to the Flat Iron. Richard has been inviting me for the past 10 years or so to do this and I thought gee I'll wait until I'm old, fat, and out of shape to do this. We started out about 7:30am ish, I know I was up that early on a Saturday. Richard warned me that it was a hard hike and boy he wasn't kidding. I must of ticked him off some when I was little:) After some falls and a little bit of blood I was doing okay but then I hurt my hip. I opted out of going all the way up to Flat Iron because I was hurting pretty bad and I know coming down was going to be a doosie! After about an hour and a half they finally came back and it was down we went. Thank you so much Richard for waiting for your poor spazy sister with absolutely no grace what's so ever. I did manage to do a mighty terrifically embarrassing fall on my hiney but alls well that ends well. I can say that I made it up the mountain pretty far and I am slightly impressed with myself. Granted I can't walk now but the scenery was absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for the invite but sorry that will be the last time I attend that hike:)

This is Mandi...isn't she cute!
My awesome brother Richard! That's Tina in the background.

This was in the beginning because I'm still smiling!
Richard, Marcus, and Mandi. Yay we are done!


Check out the puzzle that Sam and his dad (mostly Matt did) together! What an awesome view of the NYC!

I totally thought I flipped this pic. Sorry!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Zoo Trip!

Yesterday I took the kids to the zoo. Matt was suppose to go but thankfully he was able to work!! I know that sounds funny for me to say that but work hasn't been what it used to be so any work that gets passed his way he takes them up on it. It was a warm day to say the least but I do believe that the kids had fun. I know I did. Later my mom had called and wanted Riley and Sam to stay the night so Kristina and I decided to go see Twilight in the dollar theater one last time before it came out on video. I tell you my teen is totally obsessed!!! I called a couple of friends, thanks Tia and Jeni for coming, and Kristina called Ryleigh and off we went to a late movie. Nice ending to a fun day! (Sorry for all the pictures. I always say not too many but then there are so many to choose from.)

We finally went to Stingray Bay and the kids loved it!

Kristina is almost a Thoroughbred!
Of course you must take time to smell the flowers!
Check out my fabulous pearls!!

Run for your lives!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy 17 years of Marriage!

Okay, so I really wanted to put some pics of Matt and I dating, wedding, and pics over the years but it didn't quite happen. Our scanner gave out a couple of months ago and I tried other tactics to get them on but I failed miserably. Sorry. We celebrated our anniversary on Sat., yes the same day as Matt's birthday. (Long story on why that is the date) It is hard to believe that it has been 17 years. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and others it does not:) I am glad that I have Matt in my life and I am thankful for the wonderful father and husband he is! Thanks for the good times and I'm glad we've learned from the not so good times. Love ya dear!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poor Sam

Poor Sam! Today when we were getting ready for church Sam kept complaining about his eyes hurting. When he turned around to look at us his poor eyes were just about swollen shut. At first we thought pink eye but then decided he had an allergic reaction to something. I tried to give him some of my allergy drops but he wasn't going for it. We decided a dose of Benadryl would be good. It did work like a charm but he had to miss church. Now his eyes look so much better.

He wanted a cold wash cloth over his eyes.

Happy Birthday Matt!

Yesterday was Matt's birthday! (It was also our anniversary but I will post about that later when I can find a scanner to use since ours gave out.) I think he had a good day. We spent time as a family then Matt and I went shopping and out to eat. As for all his birthdays Matt had a theme going on. This year was Hannah Montana! Granted it wasn't planned out as well as it should have been but it was still fun! I still think the Wiggles bday was by far his best and most surprising:) ha ha Happy Birthday dear! Hope you had a good one!!

Matt and his Hannah Montana badge he wore all day!

Spring Break!

All I can say is that my kids are excited for Spring Break!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Singing Program

Warning: Photographer I am not! (sorry) Tues. night Sam had his 1st grade music program. It was so much fun to watch. The songs were cute, the kids did great, and it was only about 25 minutes long! Who could ask for more than that? Sam was not wanting to go but once he got there he did great! Good job Sam!!
After the program we headed outside for home and the moon was coming up behind the mountains. It was just so big and beautiful! The pictures of course don't do it justice but I LOVED watching it rise!

Randomness of a 6 year old

The other day Sam asked if he could borrow the camera. Of course I said sure and here is some of the random pics he took. What a silly boy:)

Big sis Kristina and her Gir hat
His cool globe
Riley digging thru her 5 billion stuffed animals
He has to get the inside mouth shot of course
Up close and personal!
His town that Grandma Junie made for him
Got to have the stinky toes!!
The classic MySpace pose in the mirror:) ha ha

Birthday fun at work!

Since I have blogged on here before about my work family I think I should let you see how we spent my birthday at work. My birthday was on a Friday and I don't usually work Fridays so we decided to put off celebrating till Monday. They are so much fun there. They made sure my desk was totally decked out in fun. We went and had such a fabulous lunch and then came back for some very yummy brownies! (thanks Annette!) They gave me some great gifts and I am wearing my new comfy Mickey Mouse robe in one pic:) These guys are wonderful and I am so thankful I have been so blessed to have found this job. Thanks for a GREAT day!!

Mandi and I
Julie, Marisa, and Gail
Amy and Lisa
My great new robe!
The dang sparklers candles
Annette and I and my groovy headband
Isn't this fun?!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today was my birthday! It was a great day even though I am getting so old!!! I love birthdays. I love as I do get older it is just about spending time with my family and friends. I was able to go back to bed (my favorite thing to do!) after the kids left for school. I got to sleep in. I was able to get many bday wishes from friends and family alike and thank you all so much for them! Some of my sweet nursery kids brought me some very yummy treats! One of my oldest and dearest friends Jeni brought me the most fabulous cake! (Thanks Jen for totally ruining all my walking and bike riding:) hee hee) It was then off to Target to buy fun things and then finishing the day at Chipolte. I love low key bdays like this. Thanks Matt for doing so much with the kids and making my day wonderful!! I am excited to also celebrate at work on Monday! That group knows how to have some fun:) I love birthdays!!!

Apron giveaway!

Okay everyone, you must check out this blog! They are having a book and apron giveaway and the apron is just too darn cute. Please give it a looksie!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Last week Sam lost his two front top teeth within a day of each other. Now he is missing those and two bottom teeth. Wouldn't you say he make the cutes darn Sam-o-later ever?! I dare you to say no:)


I wish you could totally get the whole gist of this picture. Riley is being her usual goofy self and just before I snapped the pic Kristina was being her usual annoyed with Riley self. These two can argue and bicker like pros but can be the best of friends at other times. I sure hope I can survive the teenage years. Please pray for me:)