Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life can throw you a curve ball

Last Sunday my step dad George had a stroke. Needless to say that this past week has been hard on the family. After George was taken to the hospital we found out that he has had several mini strokes without any of us really knowing. Anybody that knows George knows he is a tough guy. My whole life he has worked very hard for our family and has been very strong. The last few years has taken its toll on him somewhat but he was still pretty feisty. The day after his stroke he seemed to be somewhat perking up which was a good sign. They said the next 3 months would be critical and more could follow. Tuesday he was doing okay. Wednesday he seemed to take a turn for the worst. I went to the hospital after work and was shocked to see him. That was the first time I really thought he might not make it through this. Needless to say I was pretty scared. They transferred him to a rehab facility on Thursday and I wasn't able to see him. Friday I also wasn't able to see him. Today though Matt and I went to visit and he is doing much better now. He was up and about and talking up a storm. Whew! Life is crazy sometimes and I forget to not get so caught up in it. I'm just glad things are looking up now and hope that George has a speedy recovery.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I can be crafty

Today some of the gals from work and I went to Julie's (thanks Julie!) to make Valentine blocks. I don't think they turned out too shabby for my first try. I think I am confident enough to try them on my own now. They were easy to make and I think I need some for each holiday. Luckily Amy made me some for Christmas so I don't have to worry about that. Thanks guys it was tons of fun!

Big Moon

Gotcha! You totally thought I was going to put someone on here mooning ya, right?! hee hee

Today on the radio they said that tonight the moon would be at it's biggest and fullest this year. I was crafting and forgot to check on it as it was rising but luckily my kids were totally on the ball. It is so beautiful tonight. I am so thankful for all of natures beauties.

Riley's art

Riley was feeling left out since I have featured Kristina's art on here before. I told her I would also showcase some of her stuff. She is starting to improve. Here you go Riley!

Here is from one of our favorite shows, Phineas and Ferb!

Road Runner

I went to check on Zippy after the recent rain and cold spell. When I got up from checking on him this little guy was right above me on the fence. I tried to get a better picture but he ran off like lighting.

Snow on that there mountain

After all the rain we received we also got a little snow in the mountains out back. I love where we live. It is just cold enough for me and yet not too far there can be snow. I love it when this happens because the views out back are amazing! Can't see the mountains to well but the clouds were AWESOME!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Epic Rainstorm 2010:)

So we have had mucho rain this whole week. In fact we have had more rain in the past few days then all of 2009 and this is one of the worst storms to hit AZ in recorded history. I think it has been kind of fun, granted I live where it is not snowing and I'm not shoveling all the time. Thank heavens for that! I thought I would just document with some pictures.

Last night after the tornado watch and it was still pouring. That is the beginnings of Lake Bucko.
This afternoon after a break in the storm. Lake Bucko. Are you ready for some water skiing?

The park down from our house. We will call it Lake Castlegate.
Same park
Park again
The back of the park. That is how far back the water went.
This is when it started to pour again. Thank heavens Matt built Zippy a new habitat or the poor little guy probably would've drowned. (That's it in the corner)

Sam singing in the rain.
As I type this the rain is finally stopping. I know a lot of people are tired of it but I am kind of enjoying it. Probably because we have had no flooding, down trees, or snow to contend with. I'm just grateful for the moisture we are finally getting.


Apparently our poor winter bare tree is very inviting for all the birds in the neighborhood.

AZ sunsets

I am a total sucker for sunsets. I think AZ by far has some of the best. The past couple of weeks we have had some AWESOME ones. I wish I was a better photographer and could capture the beauty much better. Oh well.

This one happened while I was on my way home from work

This was one at dusk a couple of weeks ago. The mountains were beautiful!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tucson after Christmas

The day after Christmas we headed to Tucson to go visit Grandpa Richie and Grandma Junie. With the kids getting older it just seems harder and harder to get away anymore. It was nice to go hang out with them even though it was just one day.

Look there is snow and that there mountain!
I love the mountain views as we drive in. They are just beautiful.

Almost there kiddos!
Check out Matt's concentration even with me annoying him
Grandpa Richie got a Mr. Bill doll...Oooohhh Nooooo!!!!
Heading in to unwrap gifts
Sam is playing Santa
Grandma Junie checking to make sure she got everything
Grandpa doing what he does best:)
On a side note, we did attend other Christmas parties and such but my camera never seemed to go with us. This holiday season was busy but loads of fun. I am sure going to miss all this fun and going back to the real world...ho hum.


Christmas Eve we did our family tradition of going to look at Christmas lights and to eat at the Village Inn. Sam was very concerned that we would not be home in time to get into bed before Santa arrived informed me he was hungry at 1:30 in the afternoon. After much convincing he finally decided to go ahead with our normal plans for Christmas Eve. After coming home the kids got to open their traditional present of new PJ's. Then a plate for Santa was made and it was off to bed!

I did threaten the kids that they were not allowed up before 7 and they came in to wake me shortly after 7. They were so excited to see what Santa had left. All the kids got a brand new bike and they were so excited. We opened presents and made a big breakfast. After that we hung around for awhile and then went off to my Mom's house for dinner. Christmas was very nice this year. We got to relax and really enjoy each others company and remember the real reason of celebrating CHRISTmas!

Sam finally got Lego Architecture! Hurray!!
Opening of the NY Bucko gift. Guitar Hero World Tour!
Riley was so happy to not get just one Shaman but two!
Lego Empire State Building
Swoon!! Kristina got Edward for Christmas:)
We of course had to have the Yule Log
Cool new bikes
Our groovy new night light. Do you love it?!
Our house at night

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!