Sunday, May 31, 2009

Twilight: New Moon

Does it look good to you? Sure looks good to me!!!!! I can't wait!!!!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Anyone up for a midnight screening?!

Okay so who's excited for July? That would be me and my eldest!!!!! Anyone want to join us?!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Poor Sam

Tuesday night Sam went to bed with a slight runny nose. Thought nothing of it of course. Silly me! After finally going to bed around 1 I was woken up about an hour later to some major coughing and wheezing going on by my poor son. He was up from then on coughing his poor little heart out. Then around 5am he proceed to be like Old Faithful and vomit every 20 min. This child is a tiny, skinny boy so that kind of freaked me out to have him vomit so much. (Sorry if that grosses you out) After a trip to the doctor we figured out his lungs were filled with junk and he needed breathing treatments. We have never done that before and the kids get a kick out of it. The treatments seem to have done the job because now this boy won't hold still! I hope that means he will be 100% soon:)

Riley's big award

Today Riley got an award for the most AR reading points in the entire school!! Way to go kiddo! As you can see she got a spiffy certificate, nice piggie hat, and a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. She totally loves that store and can not wait to go. We are so PROUD of you!

Just a little RANTING going on

Why is it that sometimes other people's children have to ruin it for everybody else? Don't get me wrong because I know my children are not angels all the time, but I know they know when to draw the line. A few weeks ago one of the lovely teenagers at Kristina school decided to make a nice little homemade bomb and bring it to school. He also decided it would be fun to set it off not caring if it hurt other children at the time. That of course totally ticked me off! Now today some stupid (sorry but he is) little punk in her last hour art class called 911 and said he had a gun. Of course the cops were called and lock down was in effect. Since it happened in her class the police came and made them all lie face down while they were searched and questioned. It scared poor Kristina to death and I can't say that I blame her. I think I would've been mighty scared. Luckily they found said punk kid and he was taken into custody. Seriously though back in my day NO WAY would I or anybody I knew do such a thing. What is wrong with some of these kids thinking they can get away with this crap. I know people will be blaming the school like they always do but in reality it is their little darlings that think they can pull this crap and get away with it. It just makes me MAD!!! OK I'm feeling somewhat better and thanks for listening to my rantings.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Visit

Matt's mom Krys, AKA Grandma, and his grandma, AKA Grandma-Great came for a week visit. Unfortunately with Matt's job being the way it is he wasn't able to take time off so that he could take them to do fun things. We did manage to get out on the weekend and have some fun. Note to anyone wanting to go for a picnic of such at any lake, river, Ramada by such bodies of water you need a Tonto Pass. They do not sell them by there so you must get them in town. We found that out the hard way. Once pass was bought we did have a nice picnic by Salt River and the kids did enjoy it. I think Sam thought his job was to keep his grandma's entertained at all cost. I hope they didn't mind. Thanks for the visit. We hope you had fun!

Our little artist

Here is a sample of what our little or should I say teen artist has been up to lately. Can you tell that we go through paper like crazy?! I'm rather proud of the child!

U2 Baby!!!

All I can say is October 20th Lesa, Mark, Matt and I are going to U2 Baby!!!! Watch out Bono cuz I'm coming to get ya!!!!!!!