Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shout out!

I thought I should give a shout out and great job to this child! Living where we do and with a new High School our district isn't lucky enough to have a Seminary building by the school for release time. The kids here in our Stake have to go to early morning Seminary. The young lady has been so diligent about getting up around 4:50am every morning to be ready by 5:30 so she can be to Seminary by 5:45am. She has had her grouchy moments and begging to just sleep in but is there pretty much every day. I don't know if I could've done it but I am so very proud of her and her willingness to do so. Great job kiddo and all the other dedicated kids out here!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sam's field trip!

This past Tuesday I was able to go with Sam on his field trip to see the Shanghai Circus! It was loads of fun and very entertaining. I've said it before and I'll say it again I love going on the field trips! I love to watch how the kids interact on their turf. Another thing I am thankful for is the fact that he still doesn't care if anyone sees him hold my hand or give me a big hug. I am sure going to miss that when he gets older. For now though I am loving every minute of it!!
On a side note. I want to apologize to all my blogging buddies for not always commenting on their blogs. I do really love reading your blogs but I must admit I am sometimes just too lazy to comment. Please don't hold that against me though:) I really, really love reading all your blogs! Keep up the blogging good work!

Frost baby!

To those of you who think that it doesn't get cold in AZ boy are your wrong! This is what we get that is closest to snow and that would be frost. We have had some quite chilly mornings. Luckily Zippy was wise and has burrowed way down deep to hibernate for the winter. Otherwise the poor little guy would be freezing his shell off. All I can say is Brrrrrr!!!!

Some weird clouds

During our Christmas break we had some very interesting clouds come through. I can't remember if this was the day that it actually snowed in Mesa or not. Matt just had to document them. Unfortunately we did miss the snow. We live a little too far south to get it. I can say unfortunately because it dust the ground for a few moments and then it's gone unlike the East coast where it stays and stays and stays.

The Webbs are hungry for some breakfast grub!

The Monday after Christmas my dad and Pam brought my Grandma Cheryl down to Mesa to meet up with her kids. Luckily Alyssa hitched a ride so we could do some family bonding. (I think I am detecting a trend here with all the bonding going on!) We haven't seen her in quite sometime. Luckily Shelene was able to join us before she headed back to UT. It was fun seeing everyone. Ummm...Lyss why haven't you come back to visit some more?? Just wondering:) Of course we met for breakfast because that's what we do best is eat!!

Christmas 2010!

Christmas was such a fun, relaxing family day. The kiddos woke up excited for the day. Thank heavens they didn't get up at the crack of dawn. I don't know if I could've handle that. We spent the morning opening presents and then having a very yummy Christmas breakfast thanks to Matt! After relaxing for a little while we headed over to my mom's for dinner. It was so fun to see everyone and we were excited to see Shelene who came and surprised everyone! We sure do miss her. Then it was back home to watch movies and head off to bed. I am so thankful for the holiday season were we can spend good times with family members, and also celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Heading down the stairs for some Christmas joy!
What did Santa bring?
Gotta stay warm by the Yule Log
According to Matt everyone needs some summer sausage!
We love it!
My eldest child thought I needed an unflatering picture on here. Good thing I'm secure with myself:) PS we are making breakfast.
Matt's Fushigi was a hit with the crowd!
Family bonding time!
Riley trying out her new camera!

Christmas Eve 2010!

Christmas eve was such a nice day. We spent it just relaxing. That evening we did our traditional looking at the neighborhood Christmas lights. We then headed to The Village Inn for dinner. It was yummy and we managed to get there early enough to miss the bigger crowds. We came home and opened the traditional Christmas jammies. Of course we had to get everything ready for Santa and then off to bed. I love Christmas Eve!!


During December's girls night we had a gift exchange. I was lucky enough to get this cute and mucho yummy cake! It was delightful. Thanks for making it Ashley:)

Sisters visit and Ranan's bday

Okay first off, don't everyone kilt over because I am finally updating the blog. Life has been crazy busy for the past couple of months and I have been just too plain tired to put in time for this. Now onto business. During Thanksgiving my sisters Vanessa and Cassie and their families came for a visit from NY. They were lucky enough to go to Disneyland and then we were able to see them for the end of their stay. Of course I think it was asking too much for me to get a decent picture of everyone but what are ya gonna do? We also were able to celebrate Ranan's birthday. It was so much fun to see everyone. Thanks so much Klint and Corinne for having us all over.

The kiddos ready to eat some cake

Some of the crew. I am still kicking myself for not getting any pics of Ness and Cass!
Look at that face! You just want to eat her up:)