Friday, November 21, 2008


I was able to go the midnight showing of Twilight with the gals from work. Thanks Lisa, Mandi, and Cindy for letting the old lady of the group come hang out with you. We luckily didn't have to stand in line to long and got awesome seats in the theater. I enjoyed some fun girl talk till the movie began. I was excited to see the trailer for the new Harry Potter movie. (Can I just say can't wait for that one!!!) Then the excitement when Twilight began!! Although the movie is not exactly like the book, no movie ever is, I really enjoyed it. I can't believe a 17 year old vampire would make an old lady like myself all giddy inside. Don't worry Matt I still love your guts:) I am ready to read Twilight again but will have to be patient since I lent it to one of my friends. I guess I will just have to see the movie again till I get my book back. Kristina and I will be going on Wednesday since she was severely bummed that she didn't get to go to the midnight showing. Don't worry kiddo we will have a great time:) Go see the movie and just remember to keep an open mind!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BFF Weekend

Warning Picture overload!!! This past weekend I was lucky enough to have one of my very best friends come and stay the weekend! The sad part is that it has been around 16 years since we've actually been able to see each other. We have kept in contact just haven't been so good about actually seeing each other. I am such a HORRIBLE friend!!! Sorry Lesa!!! Lesa and I met while I was a nanny in NY 18 years ago. Holy cow am I that old?!!! Being so far from our family we fast became just like sisters. She is so awesome and I love her guts. After many conversations she decided we needed a visit in AZ. Yay!! She brought with her her most awesome little sister Marcy whom I just adore to share in the fun. Matt was so kind to take the kids and go to Tucson so we could enjoy some girl bonding time. Thank you so much dear!!! It is much appreciated. I felt like a teenager again with our wild and crazy antics and staying up late just giggling. I can't wait for my turn to go to UT to visit her now. Never again are we going to let that much time lapse between visits. Thanks for the fun time girls! Love your guts and can't wait to do it again:)

Fun at the airport!

Matt was able to take Sam, Kristina, and his dad with him to the Williamsfield Airport open house two weekends ago. (I know a little behind in posting here.) Riley and I opted to stay home. Riley because she just didn't want to go and me because I was preparing my house for my fun guest to arrive the following weekend!! Posting of that next! Matt and the kids seemed to have a great time and took lots of fun pictures. One of these times I will have to go. I am a little bummed out I missed it. At least they brought back some yummy pizza!!