Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family pictures from the baptism

I got our pictures from Corinne and June. Thanks! I know you all were so dying to see them...right?! Of course the first picture you see is our totally reverent picture. hee hee Probably shouldn't have but we couldn't resist:) I am totally kicking myself for not taking more pictures but hey, when you are the hostess with the mostess you can only do so much. Once again thanks all for coming and supporting our little Sam-man! We love you all.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sam got baptized!!

Our little man Sam was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints on Saturday! What a great and eventful day for him. The kid got to do it 3 times. He just couldn't seem to get all the way under. After tears on the 2nd try the 3rd time was the charm. He was so happy and excited. We are so proud of you Sam! I love the sweet boy that you are and the example you are in our lives. Afterwards we were lucky to have the family come over and have lunch and visit. We sure did miss all that wasn't able to make it. It was a great day!
PS June or Corinne if you could email me the family pictures I would love to put them up here. Sure wish I would've remembered to use my camera. Duh! Also didn't get any pics afterwards with all the family that came. Shoot!

I won!!

A couple of weeks ago my friend Ashley gave me the heads up on a cute blog lil luna. (It's on my blog list.) They were having a giveaway and I wanted a shot to win. I entered by doing the required entries and then kind of forgot about it. While in Disneyland Ashley text me to let me know I won!! Wahoo!!! Not only did I win the family board and cute scrapbook frame I also got a couple of sweet headbands. Yeah for me! So if you wan to check out a blog with cute ideas give lil luna a try. (I would cut and paste the link in the post but it's totally not working...sorry.)

The Birthday that just keeps going and going and going.....

I swear Sam's birthday has just gone on forever! Since he went to Tucson the day of his birthday I promised he could have a party the following Sat. We invited the neighbor boys and had a little afternoon of fun. I am not big on parties. My kids get them (if they are lucky) every other year. I like to keep it simple and to the point. Since June is starting to get toasty the boys played a few games with balloons then ran through the sprinklers and had a huge water balloon fight. Finished off the afternoon with cupcakes and ice cream. What a fun day:)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our getaway

Most couples when they finally have a getaway without their children go someplace oh I dunno fancy or extra romantic. Not us! Not saying that Disneyland is not romantic but saying Matt and I are kids at heart. Besides what better place to go than the happiest place on earth with my main squeeze:) We figured since we went to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon going to Disneyland for our first major getaway fit the bill. Is that sad that we are finally now taking a major vacation without the kiddos after 18 years of marriage?? I think it just might be. It was worth it and I hope we don't take that long to go away again. We had a fabulous time! Now I must bore you with our fun photos. (If you want to see even more boring photos you can totally check them out on facebook.)

Thanks to this man, Walt Disney, we have one of our favorite places to visit!

The night we got there we were thankful that our friends Ben and Stacy drove down to have dinner with us. It was great seeing you guys!
Main Street USA

We love you Walt and Mickey!
This is one of my all time favorite rides though I know so many do not like it. I do so there!
I will not sit near the front on Splash Mountain without a poncho ever again!
He was totally soaked!
"D" is for Disneyland!

I love me some Mickey ice cream bar! Yum! So good....

Last night there. We were so exhausted!
I finally got to see my beloved Mickey Mouse!
I don't wanna go!!
We detoured through San Diego so we could stop by Oceanside. These condos hold some very fond memories for me growing up. I sure do miss going there for the summer:(
Of course we had to stop at Angelo's our favorite greasy food joint for our much loved fried zucchini and onion rings. Don't they look divine??? You know you want some:)
On a side note we want to give a shout out to June and Rich for watching our kids while we were gone. I know they can be stinkers but we sure do appreciate it. They had a total blast there and are so grateful for all the fun things you did for them. Thanks so much again!!

Sam is 8!

I can't believe my Sam-man is 8. Where oh where is the time going? I remember when he was just a sweet little baby. Now he is such a sweet big boy. The day of his birthday we got up and opened presents and then had cupcakes. We kind of had to rush it since we were meeting Grandma Junie in Florence so the kids could spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa in Tucson while Matt and I were gone. He was so excited. Sam can not wait to be baptized next week and is finally able to go to scouts. We just love this kid and are so blessed that he is in our lives. Happy Birthday big boy!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Riley's theme song:)

The kids saw this tonight while watching Phinneaus and Ferb. I think it is totally Riley's theme song...What about you?:)