Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last getaway before school

We did one last quick trip to Tucson before schools starts up next week. It is always fun to go and swim and just relax. I still can't believe our summer is almost done but I think the kids will like having something to do besides sleeping in, playing video games, going on the computer, watching tv, and going on weekend getaways...yeah right! So long beloved summer!!! We will miss you:(

Pioneer Days Celebration in Snowflake

We went up to Snowflake for the Pioneer Days Celebration on the weekend of the 16th even though it is suppose to be around the 24th of July. Go figure. Here are some pics from our adventure!

After the temple we had to go here for a little bit of this
and some of this

Then for the next day we went here for this

Got to see my dad in this
and Grandpa (still going strong at 92) on his tractors. Wish we had a pic of the whole thing.
After the parade we did a little of this
Wrong order but we did watch this. Rocket being launched in million mile an hour wind.

Plugging the ears for the big take off!
Then we watched cute boys doing this.
And silly kids playing and having fun.

And crazy preggers sister doing this. (hee hee gotcha Cass)
And of course lots of time doing this. Loving and riding the horses!

We of course then had to get the wiggles out.

Then finish the day off with this.
We always love to go to Snowflake for Pioneer Days. It is always fun to see family and friends and have a great time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Harry Potter Baby

Tonight we were able to go to an early screening of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince thanks to Dr. Garn and Mason's office. The show started at 5:30 and I had to hustle after work to make it there. They said if you dressed up you might win a prize so Kristina and Riley were willing to do it. Riley went as Hermoine. She totally had the hair for it:) We couldn't find a full on costume and made do with what we had. Kristina went as Bellatrix. She made a pretty good bad guy. Riley ended up winning first place with her costume. I think because she was the youngest one up there. She was so happy because she won her very own light up wand. Kristina didn't win and was a little bitter but I think she looked fantastic. Better luck next time kiddo. We had loads of fun with our office and enjoyed the movie tons. I was a little disappointed in the ending. I thought they could've followed the book much better but what are you going to do? It was a great movie all in all and lots of funny parts. We had a great night! Kristina drew this dark mark herself for her costume!

Kristina, Riley, Mandi, and Chelsea
They were giving away these glasses. Doesn't Riley look great?!
Mandi and Kristina being silly
Riley with her prize. I got in trouble for not taking a picture when they were in front of the theater. Whoops!
Kristina being bitter for not winning

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Last Thursday it had finished raining and we were sitting watching a movie. Well actually I was finishing dishes but that is besides the point:) Matt kept asking me what the noise was that he kept hearing. I had the water running and couldn't hear anything so he stopped the movie and I stopped what I was doing. It then sounded like someone was knocking on our back sliding glass door. Matt went to look and nothing was there. We heard it again and I looked out our side window and caught a glimpse of something moving on the ground. I swear it was the biggest toad I have ever seen! I tell you I have seen some mighty big toads growing up in Taylor but they were not quite as big as this one. Matt did take a picture and it totally doesn't do it justice because he didn't put anything next to it to compare size but trust me...IT WAS HUGE!!!
I promise it was big:)


Last week as I was going to get dinner ready I looked out the kitchen window and saw these beautiful clouds. (I know, I know the stupid wires are in the way but I have nothing that I can edit them out. Sorry) Of course I had to run and get the camera. While the pictures aren't too bad they don't do the clouds justice. The past few evenings the sunsets and clouds have been absolutely amazing. I love it in the summertime when we get these wonderful views!