Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day!!

Christmas morning started early for us. Well it probably could've been much earlier but when I stay up and watch a Ghost Hunters marathon until the wee hours of the morning anything short of 10am was too early:) The kids waited as long as they could than ran in to wake up their sleeping beauty mom. Here they are coming down stairs. Time for presents!!

After presents we had our annual nice big Christmas breakfast. Usually we have crepes but this year I was hankering for some waffles. Matt was kind enough to make us some of those while I fried up the bacon. Then I lay down on the couch to take a much needed nap. After a while we got up and dressed and headed to my Mom's for Christmas dinner. Some of my sibling were there and it is always fun for the cousins. They got to play outside in the nice rain soaked grass and just have a nice evening!

I love Christmas. I love the family being together and just the spirit that it brings to our home. I wish we could always feel that way. Why is it that life always just seems to get in the way?


CASSIE said...

Merry Christmas!!! We love you and hope you had a very happy holiday!

makeyounosense said...

i do believe there is a picture of matt scoping out the annual campbells kid calendar from grandma. yes? yes.