Friday, December 12, 2008


Last night Sam wanted to turn on our characters by the tree. The switch is under the tree. After he did so he just laid there under the tree. Matt asked Sam what he was doing and here is the conversation.

Matt-Sam what are you doing?

Sam-I'm going to lay under here until Christmas.


Sam-When Santa comes he will think I am a present. Then he will rip off my shirt like wrapping paper and think he is getting a belly for Christmas!!

I swear that kid is a nut. Made Matt and I just giggle:)


Rubalcava's said...

What a silly boy!

The Self's said...

HAHAHAHA :D I just LOVE the things kids come up with!

By the way...I was shocked to see a Faith Hill song on your playlist! Are you going soft on the "no country music" bit?...or does it not count because it's Christmas? :D

Joele and Matt said...

Ha ha Mel! No I am not softening to country in the least. It is a Christmas song and not twangy like country so it made the cut:)

CASSIE said...

How funny! Its amazing what kind of things run through their little heads!

KatSpy said...

That sounds like somethingmy Asa would say and we call his funny ramblings Asaisms.