Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can see clearly....

This little cutie
is now sporting new eye apparel!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Matt and Sam's trip

Anyone that knows Sam knows that Sam loves airplanes and airports. So when Richie and June found out when the Air Show in Tucson was they invited Matt and Sam to come and enjoy the show. It luckily ended up being the last weekend of spring break so Matt and Sam headed to Tucson for some father, son bonding. Saturday they spent the entire day at the air show and had a blast. Matt said all in all Sam did very well. He did have some moments but when he came home he couldn't stop talking about it. I also learned that on that trip Sam discovered the IHOP's french toast is much better than his mommy's french toast. Oh is me. har har
You will notice a trend from these pictures that Sam is usually in some spot he's supposedly in danger or trying to hold up planes with his tidy whities hanging out.

On another note. While Matt and Sam were away Kristina had a slumber party on Friday night which left Riley and I with an evening to ourselves. We decided to do some shopping. After hitting the loser mall we went to Kohl's, Target, and McDonald's. At the last 3 places I started noticing people shopping in the pajamas. Okay did I not get the memo that it is perfectly acceptable to shop in your PJs? What the heck? Then when we got to McDonald's an entire family came in after us. I know it was late (Riley and I were there for an ice cream and fries) but does that mean you have to come in your thread bare PJs? It was disgusting! To top it off their 2 boys and 2 girls were so obnoxious. They were running around screaming at the top of their lungs, rolling all over the floor, and jumping from the tables. Where were their parents you ask? Oh they were just sitting in the booth totally ignoring the little demon spawns. It's bad enough that they were out in their stinking PJs but PLEASE control your little darlings. I know they drove more than one costumer out of that place that night. Am I alone in thinking that this society is really starting to loose it sometimes? I mean come on! Okay I'm totally done ranting. I'm sure if we are friends on facebook you've already had to listen to me gripe about this so I am done now.
I sure did love spring break and was sad to see it go. Summer is just around the corner though. Yahoo!

Spring Break 2010

Last week was Spring Break here. I had to work the beginning of the week. Towards then end though I took some time off so me and the fam could have some fun. Unfortunately we didn't get to go anywhere but did manage to have a good time at home. Let me rephrase that the girls and I didn't get to go anywhere but the boys got to take a little trip. I will blog about that next. Thursday I took the kids to the AZ Science Center. We decided to try out the new Lite Rail instead of having to deal with traffic and parking. Once I was able to figure out the whole train system we actually had a fun time riding the train. We got to the Science Center and tried to have some fun. Don't get me wrong. It is a cool museum. Maybe I was just grouchy but it didn't seem as great as the last time we went. It just is very expensive and our favorite usual exhibits are no longer there. It just seemed like everything was under construction. It was also very crowded so that didn't help my mood much. The kids had a good time and that is what really matters. They did give me a heart attack on the way back though. I was buying my tickets for the train when it pulled up. I thought they were going to get on without me. I'm sure I looked like a lunatic running for the train and yelling at the kids DO NOT GET ON THAT TRAIN WITHOUT ME!!! Luckily they actually listened to their mom.

Friday Matt was able to come with us and we went to the Dino Museum. I know that is not it's technical name but they just changed it again and I can't for the life of me remember the new name. This museum is a Bucko favorite. They added some pretty cool new exhibits to the changing part of the museum and the kids loved it. They of course loved the rest of the museum and had lots of fun. Afterwards we were able to go to Bill Johnson's Big Apple to eat. Man do we love that place. All I could think of all day was the fried zucchini. I usually can't stop thinking about their pulled pork but decided to think about their chicken fried steak instead. It of course was tasty as usual. Yum! Yum! What a fun day!

Disclaimer: Picture taking wasn't our strong suit this time around. Sorry!

Sam gotta love him

I was cleaning out backpacks a few weeks ago and came across this little not in Sam's backpack. I'm sure it was written for Valentine's Day. It sure did make me giggle. It says "Love is getting married and kissing and love one another." I guess that sums it up.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy "Late" Birthday Matthew B.!

What a stud!

Okay what kind of lame wife am I? Matt celebrated his birthday on the 14th and I just haven't had time to put this up to wish the guy a very happy birthday. We had a great day and Matt and I got to go out and eat at Macaroni Grill. He loves that place. Sorry we only seem to get there once a year. He wasn't feeling too great that evening but was not about to pass up the chance to get out. Thanks for being such a GREAT husband and father. You rock!

On a side note but not really a side note we also celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary that same day. Holy crap we're old! Thanks for the great 18 years. Love you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poor Riley!

Riley got in a fight yesterday! You should see the other guy! Nah...Just kidding. Riley was riding her scooter yesterday and felt bad for the pavement for being so lonely. She decided to kiss it. She wiped out pretty good after hitting a rock. We thought it knocked her tooth loose but we were thankfully surprised that it didn't. It did split her lip and give her nice road rash on her nose and lip. She felt bad for a little bit but made me proud by getting back on that old scooter and joining the fun again outside. Way to go Riley-roo!

Who knew a mini trampoline could be so fun?

Can you believe a mini trampoline could be so much fun? Something I should be using to get in shape with and I dread is something that the kids can't seem to get enough of. Love it!