Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today upon arriving home from work Riley welcomed me out in the garage. She told me of tales that other kids had tadpoles and she wanted one too. I asked her where those tadpoles came from and she informed me at the school. Confused as to where at the school she told me of the big puddle in the retention basin by the school. I asked if she wanted to go catch some which she replied with a big ol YES! I came in and rounded up some cups and children because of course Sam and Kristina wanted in on the adventure. We headed to the school to see a big muddy mess with a little bit of water left. In that little bit of water were quite a few tadpoles and me being mom didn't want the kiddos getting muddy so I balanced myself on the edge and used four cups to catch us five little tadpoles. We brought the little guys home and now they are swimming happily in a big bucket out back with fish food to boot. It brought back memories of the good old days and catching tadpoles or polliwogs (as we also referred to them) in the pond across the street. Thanks for wanting tadpoles Riley Roo!

Kristina named hers Jeff
Before the mud settled. I swear they are in there!

It's the black dot at the bottom. My pictures were better but I don't know how to put them on the computer:)

Update: Sadly I forgot to move them out of the sun this morning and they all died. Now the kids are mad at mom and sad. Oh well, maybe next time we'll have better luck:(

Monday, August 24, 2009

Family fun!

This past week we have been lucky enough to have my sister Vanessa and her family and my baby sister Alyssa come to town for a visit. We started off the festivities with a BBQ at Cassie's on Tues. nite. I wasn't feeling totally great that night and stupid me forgot the camera. It was a little wild and crazy but so much fun to visit with the family that was able to come. Then last night we got together again at Rich's house for a slide show. I still think some of those shots should be tragically destroyed so they are never to be seen again but I doubt that is gonna happen. Oh well, one can dream. I did remember the camera this time but of course forgot to get it out until the end. These are some shots I was able to get. Trying to catch everyone I did fail miserably and I'm sorry to those I did not get. It was a fun night with lots of laughing and good times. We are going to miss you Ness (and fam) and Lyss when you leave us yet again:(

Self posing Kristina
Riley...what can I say
Cute kiddos watching the dog
NY cousins hanging out
The newest member of the fam...sweet Bentley
I could not get Ranan to smile for me for nothing
Me and Topher
Dad and Nessa
Yowza! Check out this hot couple!
Alex making sure Kam and Sarah buckle Bentley in right:)
She is just so darn sweet
Who is that masked man?????
Jada, Jameson, and Ranan getting ready to say goodbye for the night
Maura and Lyssa...what cuties!
Poor kid hasn't felt good all week
One last bear hug before they go!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bowling Baby!

Saturday we decided we should try or skills at bowling. Matt and I haven't been since before Kristina was born and the kids have only done the Wii bowling. (does that count?) It was actually loads of fun. Sam being the little skinny guy had quite the bowling form. Maybe I will try and post a video of it later. The girls did mighty fine. Matt was finally having it come back to him by the end of the game. Better luck next time dear:) Me...Well I will just let the picture tell you all about my mad bowling skills! Don't be hating on me ya hear! The kids can't wait to try it again.

I am the champion!!! Woot Woot!! Lame score though. I will do better next time.
Matt is totally in the zone
Kristina was worried everyone was staring at her
Riley had major skills!
Sam could throw the ball like no other!
Notice that I am missing? That was totally for all of your benefit. My darling teen took a not so flattering shot of my back-end so I thought I would be kind and not post such a shot!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Growing up

Do you ever feel like you just turn around and all of a sudden your kids are just grown up? Kristina just got a new haircut and I swear she just totally grew up all of a sudden. She is such a sweet girl (most of the time) and is just getting prettier by the minute. We love you Kristina!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today I stopped at Walmart on my way home from work. Do I love to shop at Walmart? No. Would I prefer to shop elsewhere for my needed items? Yes. Do I shop there because it is cheaper? Yes. I had collected all my stuff on my list and proceeded to the check out. I should've known that something was amiss when I pulled up to a lane and the light was on but nobody was home. Just as I started to leave to find another lane the cashier said or should I say yelled "I'm here". She was an older lady missing quite a few teeth who looked like she wasn't have the best of days. I loaded up the conveyor belt and put my coupons up on the stand and waited. After ringing up my purchases and me loading my cart up she started to do my coupons. She came across one that wasn't ringing up which happened to be my deodorant. According to the coupon I needed to purchase 2 which I did...they just happened to be in a two pack. She asked if I did buy 2 and I told her yes it was a 2 pack. She then started getting huffy and said I needed to buy them separately. I was not being nasty I promise and I asked "where does it say they had to be separate?" She replied "it doesn't but the coupon isn't ringing up." I said this has happened before and they have always done an override and just typed it in manually. Holy cow the flood gates then opened. She proceeded to swear at me and told me to just go ahead and complain because she doesn't care if she gets fired. She was ranting and raving and the poor lady behind me had a look of fear in her eyes. I told her I wasn't trying to be nasty I was just trying to save some money. She just kept swearing and then hitting her register. I was just appalled at her behavior. She kept ranting and gave me the whole .75 off and then threw my receipt at me and told me goodbye and just go and complain all I wanted to about her. I understand she was having a bad day and that Walmart is probably not the funnest places to work but I have never been treated that way before. No, I did not complain because I wouldn't want anyone to loose their job because of me, and that was probably dumb on my part. She will probably treat another unsuspecting costumer the same way who will complain. Matt thought I should've complained but it is over and done with now. I just thought I would do my ranting and raving on here. So if you ever go to Walmart on Greenfield and Baseline just beware of an older, graying, toothless lady. She just might get ya!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Anyone in need of a Super"Hero"? Gotta love the shirt!

Monday, August 3, 2009

First day of school!

Today was the first day of school for the kiddos! Last night we packed the backpacks, made the lunches, and set out clothes. The girls of course said they weren't excited while Sam was bouncing off the walls excited. I do believe they had a hard time falling asleep last night, but I totally remember being that way the night before school started. I was surprised though at how easily they woke up and went about the routine. Usually they are like their mom and not to happy in the morning, but this morning I think went the smoothest out of all the years of getting them to school. I got Sam and Riley there early and to their classes on time. Shocker I know. Kristina was in charge of getting herself to the bus stop on her own. Of course they seemed to have changed the bus schedule and she almost missed it this morning. Now that we know what time that won't happen again! Granted for it being 96 degrees when we left this morning and about 5 billion degrees when they came home, they all seemed to have a great day. Even Kristina said it was AWESOME and that does not happen very often for my moody teen. Here's to a great year kiddos!!

Kristina-8th grade. I'm a little teary at how fast they are all growing up:(
Riley-5th grade
Sam-2nd grade
Nice pose. Notice the happiness on the eldest and youngest child.
Goofy pose to get them to lighten up!
Riley going to class.
Sam going to class.
After school!! I think they look tired and HOT!
Kristina coming home with a smile...SHOCKER!!