Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Christmas decorations

Here are some pictures of the Bucko home during Christmas. I have no set themes and just go with things that I fall in love with the minute I see them. I love Christmas time and the feeling that it gives to our family. They do seem to love each other just a little more than the rest of the year and love to celebrate our Saviors birth. Sorry for all the pictures and the quality, my brother I am not. Hope you enjoy!

Some things we have gotten over the years. The little glass block I also made. Man I am impressed with my skills. hee hee

Some fun things to see while watching TV. Ha ha I rhymed:)

I love our tree. I am not into themes as you can probably tell. I just love everything we have!

Our stuffed Rudolph and his posse:) Along with goofy and Santa. Oops! This had gotten left out earlier. Gotta have the stockings in there!!!

One other little thing I made last year. I thought it turned it pretty well.
Some other fun things I have been accumulating over the years. I also made the let it snow snowman. Is anyone impressed yet?!
More from the piano.

Just a display on the piano. I made the Countdown sign. Can you believe it?! Not as pretty as everyone elses but I didn't think it was too shabby.

Kind of a little of everything here. I love my Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus there.

Hello Santa! Matt actually doesn't like this one too much but I love him so he stays:)

The kids' Christmas canvas.

Welcome to the Bucko home:)

Outside of our house. Can you tell I love snowmen? The cube snowman is the newest addition to the family.
I am so bad at this blogging thing. I have such a hard time putting pictures in the order that I want them. So if the explanations are a little off that is because I started from the bottom first. Sorry:)


Rubalcava's said...

I always love coming to your house at Christmas have so many fun things!

CASSIE said...

Ranan would have a hayday over there! I love all your decorations...

Joele and Matt said...

Thanks guys!

Jacob and Heather said...

I absolutely LOVE that red, glass Christmas tree on your piano. Where did you find such a treasure?