Monday, December 1, 2008


Sam had decided he wanted to go camping one day. Since Matt is such a good dad he promised he would take him in the backyard before it got to cold. What do you mean to cold? It already is to cold!! Since it is only a 3 man tent Matt, Sam, and Kristina decided they would camp while Riley would camp inside with me...Like mother like daughter:) Needless to say Kristina lasted a whole 10 minutes...Like mother like daughter:) Sam about came in early when the coyotes got very close and loud but Matt convinced him to stay. They did stay all night and came in around 6am and went back to bed in the nice warm house. Sam said he had a good time so that made it worth it for him! Thanks Matt!


Rachel Cunningham said...

Cute blog Joele! I lost my paper with your e-mail. Send it to me at

The Self's said...

You're such a wimp...just kidding ;D, I would've done the same thing.

CASSIE said...

What a good daddy...those are some good memories growing up!