Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Wonderful A/C

Just so you all weren't worrying too much, our A/C if finally up and going!!! Sunday we did break down and go stay at the motel. Oh what a fun night that was. Sam is always wired when we go to a motel and was bouncing off the walls, beds, chairs, whatever he possibly could. After finally getting him to bed we all tried to get some sleep. It was a restless night and we were so lucky enough to stay right across from a McDonald's so we could be awoken at 5am with "Welcome to McDonald's may I take your order?"! That went on for the rest of the morning!!! AAARRRGGG!! After going to work and school we had high hopes for the A/C to be repaired that day. Ha ha ha ha silly us. The dang part was not compatible with our A/C because they discontinued it!!! Can I say another AAARRRGGGG!!!!! Off to the motel again:) It is truly sad when the front office knows you by name now. We were lucky to get another room on the other side of the motel so it was much quieter. As we were getting ready to leave for work and school, again, we get a knock on the door to let us know the A/C there is leaking and going out. How funny is that?! Well today we are finally home and we had to buy a new A/C unit. So much for going to our beloved Disneyland anytime soon:( Sob Sob. At least we are cool and I am sooooooo happy for that!! Wouldn't I have been a horrible pioneer?!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kristina's Talk

Today my darling daughter just seemed so darn grown up! She was asked to give a talk in church today on camp and how it helped her testimony grow. She was so nervous to get up in front of everyone and I can't say that I blame her. She got up and if I might say so did an excellent job. I am so proud of her and her willingness to do what is asked of her. I can't believe how fast she is growing and what a great young woman she is turning out to be. We love her tons!!

On a side note...Our stinken A/C has gone out yet again!! Well technically the part did not fit exactly right so we have to wait till tomorrow for the other part. Needless to say it is soooooo hot in this house right now. We are trying to ride it out but might break down and go to a hotel tonight. Think cool thoughts for us please:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Schnepf Farms

Okay, I know I have been posting quite a bit but this should be it for at least a couple of days. Sam has been talking about riding the roller coasters at Disneyland (our favorite place to go) now for some time. Now for those of you who don't know, my kids are just plain chicken! So for Sam to say this we were really excited and wanted to leave right then for Disneyland. Matt decided that we needed to check if this was true on a smaller scale and as luck would have it Schnepf Farms was having their Peach Festival. As many of you know they have the Pumpkin and Chili Party in October. Going then is alot of fun but it sure dang crowded and gets a little pricey around that time. I would suggest waiting for Ag Days or the Peach Festival because it is sure less crowded and you have the rides pretty much to yourselves. We love going there and it sure is nice cuz it is pretty darn close to our house. At the Peach Festival Kristina invited one of her friends and we took the rest of the kids and were off for a fun filled day. The first thing we did was take Sam on the roller coaster there. He was all for it till he saw it and then got a little scared. Matt took him and talked him through it and he did it!!! He said it made his stomach feel silly inside. We did get Kristina to ride it once but Riley wouldn't get on it. It was a fun day and now I just wish we were at Disneyland to ride all the rides!!! Hopefully soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ode to Arizona

I just have to say that I totally love AZ! Granted I haven't lived everywhere but the places I've been I just love this state. We have desert and mountains and plenty of sun. What more can you ask for?! Here are some pics to show just how pretty it is. I know I am not as good as my fab older brother but I don't think the pics are too bad.

Just so you know that it does snow here too!

Fun little comments

This past weekend I was just laying on the couch watching some TV, which hasn't happened on a weekend in awhile. While there Sam came and plopped himself on my to watch with me. He puts his hands on my face and said "Mommy I just think you're cute." I said "Well son I think you are just cuter." He replied "Mommy you're just the cuter one." Made my heart just plain melt. He can be so darn sweet sometime and such a little stinker at other times.

Then today my sweet Riley asked me when we were doing homework, "Mom back in the olden days was $4 alot of money?" I asked when the olden days were to give her a good answer. That sweet little child (said with tremendous sarcasm when I say sweet!), "Of course when you were little, duh". Nothing like making me feel like a million bucks. Good thing she is cute:)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tucson and NY cousins

I know, I know, so many darn post right at first. This will be my last tonite. Grandma Junie had gone to NY for a few weeks in July. She had wanted to take Kristina but it was her first year at girls camp and she didn't want to miss it. June said she would wait and go after she got back but then she wouldn't be back in time for meet the teachers and would give Kristina just a weekend before school started up. Kristina made the decision to stay home since she had just gone to NY in June. She was bummed to miss out on the time with Grandma but did have a fabulous time at girls camp and going to Snowflake. When June returned she brought back all the NY Bucko boys and James. We decided to take a day trip up on Saturday after school started to spend some time with them before they headed back to NY. The kids were a little disappointed that they didn't get to spend more time with them, but that's what happens when school starts. At least we got some fun photos of them all together.

First day of school

The kids started school on August 4th. It seems to get earlier and earlier every year. They were excited though they hated to admit it. Kristina my 12 year old was going into 7th grade and her second year of middle school. Riley at 9 was starting 4th grade and very excited. I was happy because that darn kid had read all our books and was wanting more to read so bad. Sam was starting 1st grade and was very excited. He was excited that is until he found out it was all day now. As Sam would say...Mommy I really like school except it takes for too long. Hang in there bud. I know the kids will have a great year and as always do better than their best!

Pioneer Days

We were able to go to Snowflake this year for Pioneer Days. What am I saying...We go pretty much go every year:) It was nice to be able to get into some cooler weather and have some good times. We were lucky enough to sit by Jenny and Dana and all their family. Thanks Dana for keeping us laughing throughout the parade. Then it was off to the craft fair a little later in the day. I always have to get the fry bread there and thankfully it didn't disappoint! We were then able to go to my Dad's and visit with alot of my brothers and sisters. I wish everyone could've been there. It was also one of the last weekends I was able to see Vanessa and her family before their move. We got to sit outside and enjoy the rain and just let the kids run wild. Later that night it was time for fireworks. It was all so much fun. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to see my friends from the Class of '88 while they were having their reunion. Just didn't think I should crash it. Maybe next time;P It is always fun when we get to go as our little family and just enjoy good times together.
The kids by the High School and the famed Lobo!
Riding the train at the craft fair! All aboard!
My beloved fry bread! Yummy!!!
Kristina and Jada on Snuffy being led by Dad.
Timmy and Maura riding Chance with Vanessa, Topher, and my Dad keeping an eye on them.
The kids enjoying being outside and the rain!

Run Sam and Riley run! Sam was keeping his ears covered because of the thunder.

Trying to get the kids to lay down for a picture. Yeah, like that was going to happen!

Hurray for fireworks!

The Circus in Tucson

Not long after returning from NY we went to have another adventure thanks to Grandpa Richie and Grandma Junie. They wanted us to come for the 4th of July weekend and go to the circus. Me being who I am was not that excited to go. I thought I wouldn't have any fun. To my delight I had a total blast! I think I was more excited than the rest of the fam. We got to sit on the second row and had a fabulous view of everything going on. I even got to particpate in the show just a little with a clown. Despite the fact that we spent way too much on the dang eats there we did have a fun time. I just wish the Tucson crowd would've been a little more excited because they really put on a good show.

Waiting for the show to start!

This is the clown that let me hold his teddy bear and wake him up. Kristina thought he was hitting on me:)

We also got to enjoy some swimming while we were there. One of the favorites to do at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Sam's 6th Birthday

Like my cake decorating skills? Yeah right!

Okay, please be patient while I fill you in on all our family happenings this past summer. I forgot to mention before we went to NY we had Sam's 6th birthday. I can't believe that my baby is already 6 and just so darn handsome. He decided he wanted to hang out with the boys for his birthday so we had a few friends over. I am not one to overly plan, I know shocking, so I let them play and have watergun fights and eat cake and ice cream. We had a good time!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

More from our NY adventure

Our main reason for a visit to NY this past June was to celebrate Matt's Grandma's 80th birthday. It had been 4 years since our last visit and when we were there it was Christmas time and too darn cold to do anything. This year we were lucky because it was summer time and there was so much to do! The kids enjoyed seeing all the green and were amazed that there is wildlife there. Our goal was to get pictures of the many deer that would be on the side of the road but we failed the objective unfortunatly. It was a fun trip and the kids enjoyed spending time with cousins and experiencing something different besides the desert. We were able to stay with Matt's sister Meg. Isn't it a cute house?

We were also able to visit with Sal who I worked for when I was a nanny way back many moons ago. It was so nice to see him and meet his lovely wife. They were remolding the house that I lived in when I worked there and I hope to get to see pics when it is done!

We had loads of fun and I will just share a few pics of us and the fam there.

Jena and Kara, Matt's wild and crazy cousins!!!

Matt and the kids in front of Johnny's the best pizza ever!!!


Getting ready for the big family photo!

Grandma and all her grandkis. Pete, Julia, Megan, Matt, Kara, and Jena

Grandma and her great-grandkids Aidan, Sam, Ethan, Kristina, Riley, Grandma, Jared, and Aaron.

Grandma and her kids--Krys (Matt's mom), Sue, Grandma, George, and Mindy.

Krys and her grandkids.

The kids at the beach by the Hudson River in Hastings.

Matt and I being dorky by the Hudson River!

Crazy sign on the Tappen Zee Bridge.

Home at last and exhausted!! Sorry for the long post just so much to show and do!