Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tucson after Christmas

The day after Christmas we headed to Tucson for the night. We wanted to see Richie and June as close to Christmas as we could. On they way there we kept passing cars with snow. Then when we came around the corner and this is what we saw! I love it when this mountain is covered in snow. It is always gorgeous without snow but with it is just AWESOME!! The kids always love to see snow. In Catalina just before Tucson we even got some snow flurries. It was so dang cold!! Glad I don't live in it:)

The next morning we woke up to some frost. Doesn't it look great on all the desert plants?!

Here are just some pics of the wildlife out back while we were just sitting and visiting. Matt's dad lives close to the mountains and gets some interesting wildlife in the backyard. I haven't ever seen anything to scary there except for the tarantula that I almost stepped on once. Kristina was able to see a bobcat (it was either that or mountain lion) on the back patio once. They do have some amazing views there. I just love to hang out and check out the view.

We were watching Fred Claus when grandpa pulled this. In the movie they were trying to make sure all the kids got a present so they were making bats for boys and hula hoops for girls. Then Matt's dad snuck out and came to the window crying that he got a girl toy. The kids thought it was hilarious! Silly grandpa. We also went to see Bedtime Stories with June. I thought it was a cute movie and the girls loved it. Matt, Sam, and Richie were supposed to go to the Sprint Car races but they were cancelled do to the weather. Better luck next time guys. It was a fun time there. Thanks for everything!
It was obviously an exhausting trip. This was Sam on the way home!
Now I hope there is some time for rest before we go back to school and work!!

Christmas Day!!

Christmas morning started early for us. Well it probably could've been much earlier but when I stay up and watch a Ghost Hunters marathon until the wee hours of the morning anything short of 10am was too early:) The kids waited as long as they could than ran in to wake up their sleeping beauty mom. Here they are coming down stairs. Time for presents!!

After presents we had our annual nice big Christmas breakfast. Usually we have crepes but this year I was hankering for some waffles. Matt was kind enough to make us some of those while I fried up the bacon. Then I lay down on the couch to take a much needed nap. After a while we got up and dressed and headed to my Mom's for Christmas dinner. Some of my sibling were there and it is always fun for the cousins. They got to play outside in the nice rain soaked grass and just have a nice evening!

I love Christmas. I love the family being together and just the spirit that it brings to our home. I wish we could always feel that way. Why is it that life always just seems to get in the way?

Christmas Eve!

We did our annual Christmas Eve tradition of starting out the night by going to The Village Inn to eat. The kids love to go! One year Santa and his elf actually came and ate there before going on their journey for the evening. After our dinner it was off to see some Christmas lights. This house here is a friend of Matt's. The pics don't do it justice! They have 40,000 lights and the inside is just crazy. Every room has a Christmas tree. The kids thought it was great that there were even Christmas trees in the bathroom:) There were some fantastic lights out there.

Don't the kids just look so excited?! Even though it was early they were stressing that Santa was going to come and not leave anything because they weren't in bed.
After the lights and dinner we came home to open one present. That of course being their Christmas PJ's.

After getting on the PJ's it was off to see Ma and Grandpa to tell them Merry Christmas Eve. Then home to set out cookies and milk for Santa. They were sooooo excited I am surprised that they even fell asleep this year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas fun!

This Christmas Bob and Julie Caldwell (I work with Julie and she's great! Of course Bob and Richard are buddies.)invited our family and my awesome older brother and his family over to do the Nativity and have some fun. They had quite the yummy spread there to eat. After visiting and eating we got the kids dressed in these great costumes that Julie's sister had sent her. The kids then put on the nativity and they did a fantastic job! Thanks Bob and Julie we had a great time and enjoyed the family time.

Richard and I

Michael and Riley the wisemen
Kristina as Mary

Renzo as Joseph, Peyton and Sam as the shepards, Liesl as the angel, Sheridan as the Inn Keeper, and Riley, Michael, and Josh as the Wisemen.

Liesl, Richard, Matt, and Julie

Kids Christmas party fun and baking!!

Matt has been quite the baking fool this week. Here is some of the things he baked. I wish we would've taken pictures of everything. Of course everything turned out fabulous! I think he is secretly trying to make me fatter:) Thanks dear! Everything was AWESOME!!
The kids were able to make gingerbread houses at school for their parties. Matt was able to go and have some fun with them. Thought they didn't turn out too shabby.

Riley's House

Sam's house!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Matt's work Christmas Party

Work Christmas Party!

Today I went to our work Christmas party. We went quading from Four Peaks down to Saguaro Lake and had a fabulous lunch!! Thanks for the BBQ Waldo's!!! I was rather terrified to ride a quad because every time I get on one I have wrecked. I am proud to say that I did not wreck this time. Came very close once but didn't!! YIPEEE!!! Our work group is so much fun and we had a total blast!! Thank you so much Dr. A and Dr. E and of course your lovely spouses!! You guys are the most awesome bosses and are always so good to us. I am thankful I have a job in this day and age and am more grateful that it is with people that I really do love. You guys ROCK!!! Merry Christmas!! PS We missed you Annette, Lisa, and Gail!!