Monday, January 2, 2012

Farm time

My mom wanted to take us all to a farm that is by her house. There was hayrides and dinner. It ended up not being all that it was cracked up to be but we appreciate the try mom. Dinner took forever to get and then they didn't get my order. Had to wait again forever for mine. My brother ended up taking Riley and Sam with his family on the hayride since we were still waiting on my food. We only took one pic and it was Kristina and I on the hayride. At least the kiddos seemed to have some fun. Thanks mom for getting us all together:)

Work Christmas Party!

We had our work Christmas party. So much fun! We ate and did a big raffle. Everyone could win a prize. There were lots to choice from. Rule was we had our names to put into which ever prize we wanted to win. Then the name would be drawn. Once drawn you were done. I put all but one of my name into the Disney park hopper tickets. It was stressful down to the last but I did it!!!! I won the Disney tickets!! Wahoo!!! I think poor Dr. A was so worried I wouldn't win and then he would've had to hear all about it. Poor guy. Can't wait to use it when Kristina and I go for her big 16th bday!!

The crew
Me with the docs showing off my prize

My work ladies party!

We ladies like to get together and party. We always do a white elephant Christmas decoration gift exchange before Christmas. As always it didn't disappoint. We had loads of fun. I sure do love these ladies!!!

We of course had to do a goofy one:)
Nettsie and I dancing....Awwwwww......

I stole the Mickey balls from Annette...sorry, I still love ya!
Of course I had to be the center of attention...hahahahaha
Fun times!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


We hosted Thanksgiving again this year. Let's face it, Matt makes the best dang turkey out there. It would be selfish if we didn't host it. It was such a nice day and we had fun visiting with everyone and eating until we couldn't eat no more!! Yum! Yum!!

Mom holding the newest member of the family Hunter.

Now doesn't this make you wanna eat some veggies:)
OK maybe this one does more.....

I think Riley takes after her momma!

Had to work off the grub playing some Just Dance!