Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Car Day with Dad

Since Matt is off for the week (not be his choice) he has been thinking of ways to entertain the troops. Today he decided to take the lot of them out to the Penske Racing Museum since for some reason two of the three kids love cars. Riley tends to be more like her mother on that point. They loaded up and picked up BFF Ryleigh for an afternoon of fun. Thanks Matt for giving them something to do. I know they loved it!

Kristina and Ryleigh
After the museum Matt decided to stop by the major expensive car dealership to show the kids the cars there. Kristina is obsessed with Ferrari's! I mean OBSESSED!!! She was in 7th heaven being there. Matt being the good dad that he is convinced the salesperson to let her sit in one. As he tells me it wasn't easy to get him to let her do it. She of course sat in one of the less expensive ones...I think Matt said it was around $150,000. Geesh! You can buy a whole house for that. The Bentley's there were in the $200,000. That totally made her day though. Now the child walks around saying she has Ferrari on her butt. So classy:)

I know in her mind she is saying "one day this will be mine!"
Thanks again for taking them for a fun day Daddy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sam's fun time with Grandma and Grandpa

Sam got to spend a weekend with Grandpa Richie and Grandma Junie. He had soooo much fun, I'm thinking he really didn't want to come home. I'm glad he did! He was able to go to the Pima Air Museum, The Children's museum, and Mt. Lemon. He had such a great time and we appreciate Grandma and Grandpa taking him. Thanks a ton!

Sam at the Children's museum in front of our favorite stuff!
Isn't he just a handsome firefighter?
At the air museum. Check out the Guppy plane in the background.
Silly Sam!
He was able to go in a full fledged flight simulator. He loved it!
A natural at the cockpit

Goofy Sam on the way up to Mt. Lemon
Getting up there
So high
This is how they got to the top. Can you believe my son did it?!
Awesome view. Much easier getting there than my dang hike!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend at Tucson

Grandpa Richie and Grandma Junie wanted to have Sam come stay for a couple of days for his birthday and take him to the airport museum. We finally had some time to leave for a day or two so we took a quick trip to Tucson to drop him off. I sure hope he is having fun because we miss him terribly. This is the first time he has been gone than just a night and I'm sure he is totally loving it! Of course while in Tucson we partook of our favorite things...Swenson's and swimming. It is always nice to go and just chill in the pool. Hopefully we can find more time to go and hang out just a little bit longer. As per the norm here are some picture overloads of our time there.

I do promise even though there are no pictures posted to prove it, I was there!

Happy Father's Day!

Just wanted to thank you Matt for being such a great dad and husband to us! You are always so patient and kind with the kids and making sure that all their needs are met. We love and appreciate all you do for us! Happy Father's Day to you and to the rest of our Dads to!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twilight spoof

My sister shared this with me and I thought it was just so darn funny and I should share. Enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hawaiian day 2009

Today we had our annual Hawaiian day celebration at work. It is usually the half way point to Christmas and we really need something to celebrate. I love Hawaiian day because we are always more goofy and have loads of fun and good food. I wish I would've taken more pics of the decorations because they were great. I also missed getting a pic of Dr. E because he was really busy today. We always love to party and enjoy each others company!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mommy and Sam date!

Friday I was set to do my cleaning so I would not have to do it on Saturday and Matt decided to take Riley and Sam to the library so I could get it done. Sam was pitching a fit that he didn't want to go so I promised we could go for ice cream on Saturday if he went and was good. He had it in his mind that it was just going to be a date with him and I. Of course the girls were a little disappointed but I promised I would take them on a Mommy date too at a later date. Sam decided we should go to McDonald's for the date but was not too happy about me taking pictures to capture our moment. In fact he told me that McDonald's had signs posted that pictures were not allowed to be taken there or else. He just didn't want to take a picture. Luckily I convinced him that is was all okay to take pictures. It was fun to do a little outing with him and his conversation was just awesome. As he saw other people there he kept asking me if they were on dates too? That kid cracks me up! Thanks for the fun time bud!

Can you tell he wasn't happy with the camera?

Sam had the camera and wanted me to take a really big bite. Flattering I know:)

Sam still not happy about having the camera out! Stinker!!
Us leaving and me having to hold him in a death grip for the picture.


I just thought I would post proof that the girl's room can actually be clean. After weeks of pleading with them to clean up, Matt and I decided to take matters into our own hands. The girls worried that we would throw out some priceless belonging finally decided to join in on the fun. After a couple of hours (it was bad...trust me) we just about got it all done. Now hopefully they will enjoy having a clean room good enough to keep it up...yeah right! I just wish we would've had a before picture but then I would be embarrassed to show the mess:)

Monday, June 8, 2009


I was feeling a little daring lately and in desperate need of a new purse. So what do you think? I really wanted a yellow one which I saw last week and of course I didn't pick it up at the time! I decided to try the pink. I kinda like it. I hope I don't live to regret not going for the black or brown that I usually go for.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Sam!!

Thursday we celebrated Sam's 7th birthday. Since I am a "mean" mom we do not have parties every year. The poor kid thought he was going to die because he couldn't open presents until I came home from work. I am happy to say that he survived. He opened presents and was so glad to get the Flight Simulator for the computer he had been asking for. Unfortunately our computer is slightly old and takes sometime to get going but he has been loving every second he gets to play. He also got some bday money and couldn't wait to buy a solar system. I know my kids are a little weird. His bday meal of choice was Burger King which he ate every last bite. The next day we took him and his sisters to see Up. If you haven't seen it yet get going. It was a terrific movie! I think if you asked him he would say it was a great birthday:)