Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Time!!

We started off Halloween time with a YW activity on Tuesday. Kristina kept thinking she was going to go as John Shaft but I had to convince her we didn't have that much leather lying around. Afro maybe but not leather. We did decide on this lovely ensemble. I did relent and let her wear my beloved 87' U2 Joshua Tree tour shirt. Deep breathe, deep breathe. She had strict orders not to ruin it because I am rather fond of that shirt. I have to admit she did look pretty good and it brought back some fond memories. Those were the days:)

Halloween day we did our pumpkin craving. Each of us had our own to do with what we will. Riley and Sam would only draw the face on and the rest was up to Matt and I. Kristina just wanted us to gut the pumpkin and she did the rest. I think she did a fantastic job on Jack Skelington if I do say so myself. Way to go Kristina!!

This is Matt's lovely creation called HAND

Riley's silly face creation

Sam's creation

Of course my Mickey Mouse

Kristina's Jack Skelington (sp?)

The kids then got dressed up for a fun night of trick or treating! Riley is our cute October Witch, Kristina is Turtlesaur (a character that she has created and is in the process of making into a comic book), and Sam is of course Spiderman! We did loose Kristina that night because she is that age were she would rather be with friends. Riley, Sam, and I hit the pavement and made quite the killing in Halloween candy this year! I hope you did the same Kristina! We had a fun, fun day:)


The kids had their six months check on Wed. right before Halloween. I actually had it scheduled on Halloween don't even ask my why I did that! DUH! Sam shocked me by going in there all by himself and not asking for me once. Last time he was not quite so cooperative. Thanks Julie for easing him into it! Of course Kristina was a breeze as always (even though she used to be a stinker about it!). Riley did get through most of it without tears. She only cried when I came in which Marisa made me leave. Sorry Marisa!! Unfortunately Riley has her very first cavity and I pity poor Dr. Adams who gets to do it. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for that!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Field Trip with Sam!

Sam and I were able to go on a field trip to Schnepf Farms. I love to go on the field trips with my kids because I get to watch the fun and see how they interact with the other kids. Plus we just plain like to get to hang out with each other. It was a fun day although it was a little warm. Enjoy the pics and sorry there are so many but deal with it cuz I like em:)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

AZ Science Center

Today we decided to take the kids for a fun trip to the AZ Science Center. It was loads of fun and lots of interactive things for the kids to do. We really wanted to see the Narnia Exhibit but they wanted around another $40 for that. Can you all say a big fat NEGATIVE!!! It looked cool from what we saw but we enjoyed ourselves with all the other stuff to see. I hope the kids had fun on their fall break this year!

The above picture is of Matt trying to pick up on the hot cardboard cutout. Can't leave him alone for a minute!!

Sam was in total heaven in this exhibit. A giant map and building homes. Two of his most favorite things on this planet!! We had a hard time getting him out of here.

Then it was off to senses and your body. So many things to do. The kids and Matt really enjoyed the giant nose. You throw balls into it, sorta like boogers until it sneezes them out. It is rather funny and I really wished I would've taken a video. Darn it!

Look at how smart they all are:)

Then it was off to the digital world. This one was alot of fun. Catching the digital balls and doing other silly things.

We then went to the Forces of Nature exhibit. Lots of interesting things about nature and earth in general. Our favorite thing by far was the Forces of Nature platform. They showed a video of different things happening like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornado's, dust storms and so forth while you stood on a platform. Then it rained, shook, wind and whatever else to make you experience it. So much fun! Sam was of course brave with the thunderstorm. Yeah right:)

After all was said and done the kids got to pick something out at the gift shop. I think that had to be their favorite thing of the day.

This is were we should've eaten. We know it is awesome and Matt was REALLY wanting to try it out but the kids were done and wanted to go eat somewhere else. I promise Matt, you and I will try it without the kids:)

We did go to Bill Johnson's though and ate loads of yummy food! What more could you ask for than a pulled pork sandwich, salad and fried zucchini. We were stuffed when we were done. Had a fun filled family day and what more could you ask for than that!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Benefit Concert

Also a benefit is going on through silent auction. Here is a link to my brother's picture It all goes for a good cause.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dino museum and other fun stuff!

Since it is fall break this week and we weren't going to Disneyland (sob sob, can anyone tell I'm still bitter?) I took today and tomorrow off to spend time with the kids. We were able to go to one of our favorite places the dinosaur museum. Not sure the real name because they just changed it. The kids always get a kick out of going. You get to see cool dinosaur bones and usually there are traveling exhibits. We sometimes wished that we lived closer to it again.

They also had a PSI exhibit this time around which stood for poop scene investigation. The kids got a total kick out of that. We felt bad that Matt didn't make it this time because I know he would've loved this. Kristina was happy to fill in as our other photographer!

The kids also got to pan for gold. It was such a nice day today so I didn't mind it too much. Sometimes it is so stinking hot I don't have the patience to sit there with them!

They also got to be in the movies! At the museum there is a little section for the movies that have been filmed in AZ. They have a blue screen in a little booth that you can try and get into the action from the movie!

After the museum we decided to head to the temple. It has been awhile since we have last been there. In fact it was probably since last Christmas. Isn't that just terrible?! It was so nice and pretty and helped the kids calm down after so much fun.

We then headed off to my work to make copies. The kids love to go there to visit just not to have their teeth cleaned. They think it is cool to sit at my desk and socialize with my coworkers. Can't say that I blame them there because the are just plain great to be around! After that we headed to McDonalds on the way home and met up with Cassie, Ranan, and Jada. It was good to see them. I didn't get a picture of Jada because she was too busy playing. Did manage to get a nice pic of Cassie and Ranan. Thanks for joining us. What a fun day we had:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tagged 7 Random Things about me!

Thanks so much Kathleen!!
1: I tear up or cry when I go on Small World at Disney or see the Electric Light Parade at Disney. Don't worry tears of joy! I am such a dork:)
2: I can almost tell you what tv show is playing on most the major networks of any given night. There goes my dorkness again:)
3: I have worked at the dental office off and on for 13 years.
4: I have 7 brothers and 6 sisters.
5: I hate, hate, hate when people do not return their grocery carts to the cart corral or in front of the store.
6: It freaks me out to go to bed without watching shows that I have taped that evening. I am such a loser!!
7: I always have to count my stairs when I go up or down. Wow never realized how strange I really am:) ha ha
Since it is late and my brain is not working I tag whoever wants to do this!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I thought this would be fun. Anyone else who wants to do it go for it!!!

Four, Four, Four, Four...

Four places that I go over and over: Kids school, Church, work, Walmart

Four people who e-mail me regularly: Aunt Tricia, Lesa, Aunt Diane, Annette

Four of my favorite places to eat: Serrano's, In and Out, Sonic, NYPD Pizza

Four places I would rather be right now: Disneyland, Disneyworld, Hawaii, San Diego

Four TV shows I watch over and over: The Office, The Amazing Race, Heroes, Lost...who am I kidding, I can't just choose 4 I have way too many!!!

Sick Kids

This week has been crazy in the sickness department at the Bucko household. It started after church on Sunday. The kids had their Primary Program which Sam and Riley did great in. They were so excited to do their parts. When we got home Sam told me he thought he had a headache.

Sam - Mom I think I have a headache.

Me - Why do you say that buddy?

Sam - My head hurts here, here, and here (pointing all over his head) but not on the outside only on the inside.

Poor kid. He didn't sleep well all night and woke up with a fever. Before I left for work his throat was looking pretty nasty. Thinking he had Strep Throat I made an appt. for the next day. He had a fever off and on all day. The next day he woke up still not feeling to good. As we were just about to go down stairs he grabs his mouth and I hear his tummy rumble. He proceeded to barf. YUCKY!! This is like his second time doing that. He told me that he didn't quite like throwing up. Later when it was time to wake dad though he was excited to tell him all about it and how it was his favorite color, yellow!! (I know gross but I couldn't resist!) After a doctor visit he did not have Strep. Thank heavens! We were told to keep him home one more day but I really think he could have made it to school on Wed. Oh well.

Today Kristina woke up with a fever and headache. Aaarrrgghhh!!!! She was still feeling pretty crummy come bed time so I think she will be missing one more school day. Then Riley decided to go to bed early which is so unlike her. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she is just tired and not getting sick. Poor kids! JUST PLEASE DON'T BREATH ON ME OR DAD!!!!

UPDATE: Well I think Riley is coming down with all this sickness junk. It is a Friday night and she wanted to go to bed around 8. That is unheard of in this house!! She was very quite and tired since coming home from school. Darn it, I was hoping it wouldn't get her. Once again, JUST DON'T GIVE IT TO ME OR DAD!!!!

YW Standards Night

This past Tuesday I was able to join Kristina for YW for their Standards night. I wasn't feeling to up to going but I am so glad I did. Kristina is blessed to have such wonderful leaders who care for the girls and keep their best interest at heart. I feel that is why she loves YW so very much. I am so thankful for that because when I was her age I was not quite a fan and could be quite a stinker about it. The night was stressing Temple marriage and the choices they make today and how it effects what happens in the future. The spirit was strong and I was so glad to be able to share it with my sweet Kristina. She is such a great young lady and has such a strong testimony of the gospel for her age. She makes me so proud. I know she has her moments (oh boy does she have her moody moments:)) but she is very good girl whom I love so very much. Thank you leaders for all the work you do. I am so glad my daughter has you in her life!