Monday, December 1, 2008

Matt and the kids weekend!

Since I am a little behind in my posting. I will start with what Matt and the kids did when I kicked them out while my buddies were in town. They were able to go to Tucson to see Grandpa Richie and Grandma Junie. I think that Riley might have talked them into going to the Desert Museum there because she is obsessed with owls lately. Here are some pics from the day. They said they had loads of fun. Once again thanks Matt for letting me have a fun weekend with my BFFs!
Grandma Junie trying out her new camera and photography skills:)

Hiker Kristina!

Riley is really excited to see a real life owl. She had been reading an owl book series and couldn't wait to see one up close and personal!

Checking out the nature!

Dig Sam dig!

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