Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Since this year Halloween is on a Sunday we went to our ward's Trunk (table) or Treat last night on Saturday. They did it down at the park by our house. There was such a great turn out and the decorations were fabulous. The kids had a great time and so did we!

Holly -Gangsta, Kristina - Joker, Sam - Dracula, and Riley - Hula Girl
These two were ready for business
Costumes - check, pumpkin buckets - check, let's get going already!!
Me manning the table. Matt didn't want his picture taken this year:(
Of course it's not Halloween unless I have my Mickey pumpkin
Kristina drew this one herself and also carved it herself. Great job!!!
Riley's own creation. She did this one by herself too!! Good job!
This one is Sam's (even though I drew it and carved it). I guess giving it the thumbs up makes it his, right?!
It was a fun day!!

Eeck! Holy Scorpion Batman!!

Check out this creature! It was wanting to make a home in the garage. Too bad for him that Matthew B. found him. Now he's dead! My hero Matt.....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Disneyland Baby!!

WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD (Like that is a surprise)
Thanks to my awesome bosses anniversary gift, my wonderful husband and hard work, and the give a day get a day, we were able to spend the Fall Break week at my families favorite place, Disneyland!! (along with the rest of the world I should add) We headed up through San Diego so we could make a pit stop in Oceanside for some greasy favorite food and a quick stop at the beach. After that Disneyland or bust to meet up with our good friends the Boyack family. We had a great time. It was warmer than I thought it would be and like I said everybody else had the same idea but it was worth it. I love Disneyland!!! (so much so that I'm headed there again in a couple of weeks with my awesome coworkers!) Here are some highlight of our trip. If you would like to see more pics head on over to my Facebook page.
This is how we told Riley and Sam we were going
You want some yummy greasy food? This is the place to go!
I miss our summers going here:(
The beach was beautiful and the water wasn't too cold. My hair of course was a huge fro thanks to the humidity!
1st day there and we are excited!
These kiddos are crazy
Good looking bunch if I do say so myself
This is the only way to keep these kids in check
The castle
World of Color. I highly recommend it. We saw it twice.
Everyone needs to see Mater and Lightning!
CA Adventure baby!
Train Station
I love Disneyland at Halloween time
One of my favorite pictures
Kristina was in heaven.....
We love this Mouse!!
If you look closely at the kid in the white hat in the back. He was a spitting image of my little brother Kody. Holy twin Batman!
This is what long lines do....Make you crazy!:)
Paradise Pier
Oh no!!! A spiderweb on the castle!!
Last picture of the World of Color
I forgot to add that not only did we see lots of people we knew we also saw some famous folks. We saw Shawn Bradley and that guy is tall I tell ya! We also were able to sit behind Mitchell from Modern Family at the fireworks show. Kristina thought that was a major highlight. What a fun time we had and I loved spending it with my sweet family.

Poor Sam, brave Sam

As many of you have heard we had quite the adventure on our vacation at Disneyland over Fall Break. On the morning of our third day, as we were getting ready to leave, Sam tripped over the cord of my hair flat iron. He reached out and grabbed it trying to help out. Needless to say those things are stinken hot. Matt screamed at him not to but it was too late. The screams out of my poor boy were horrible. He was convulsing in pain and crying so hard. Nothing makes you hurt more than when your child is in pain. After prayers and some time just holding him he announced he was ready for the day. Holy cow that kid is tough. I gave him some Tylenol and bandaged him up because it didn't look too bad. After the day spent with the Mouse we came back and took off the bandage. Holy cow the blister was huge! He had a rough night and when he woke it was even bigger. We headed over to the Disneyland 1st aid and they sent us to Urgent Care. After lancing the blister and giving us prescription cream and meds we headed back to Disney. The kid hadn't cried since the incident just so you know. When we got back from vacay we headed to our regular doctor which they then sent us to the Burn Center. Who knew it was so bad. Insert guilt now. They were wonderful there and sent us home with supplies and a splint since he wasn't healing quite right. We are waiting for a follow up on Wed. and hopefully the kid will be back to normal soon. After seeing how deep the burn was and cleaning it twice a day I have to tell you my boy is one tough cookie!! I would be bawling my eyes out everyday. I love you Sam-man!

1st night
Next morning
Disneyland 1st aid center
Anaheim Urgent Care

Got my craft on again

I felt my craft vibe right before we left for vacation. I made these for my friend before we left. I thought I would make more before Halloween and I just don't think it's gonna happen. Bummer. I thought it turned out pretty good. (sorry for the picture quality.)