Monday, June 27, 2011

My boy is 9!!!

I can't believe my sweet, handsome, baby boy is 9!! Where oh where does the time go?? This kid has a wicked sense of humor and keeps us on our toes. He loves Lego's, architecture, and geography which totally amazes me. I am so very thankful he is in our lives. Happy birthday buddy boy!


We did a quick trip up to Snowflake for my nephew Tyson and little brother Kody's graduation. Wouldn't you know I left my dang camera in the car and didn't get a single pictures of the graduates:( So me....I did get a couple of snap shots of the cute kiddos visiting though. I wanted to put a picture of Bentley up but I don't want her mom and dad mad at me cuz her hair wasn't done:) Trust me, she is a cutie either way. It was fun to do a quick visit even though the wind tried to blow us to kingdom come! Geesh!!

Had to put this up. Kristina is taller than her uncles and her grandpa!! hahaha Welcome to my world.

Crazy sisters!


Holy cow! Am I really that far behind in blogging? Looks like it. Here is a few pics from Easter. We had a nice low key Easter. Colored eggs, went to church, and had dinner at my mom's. It was a good day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well hello there.....

Hi there! Long time no hear I know. I promise to do some note worthy updates soon. In the mean time check out this link to the fabulous U2 concert that we went to. You can find Matt and I by clicking on the tags or hide the tags and find us:) Just a preview to upcoming post. Just in case you were all wondering, I totally LOVE U2!!! Thanks, bye!