Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon!

Thursday night Kristina and I and a couple of friends from work were lucky enough to go to an early screening of New Moon. Seeing the lines for the midnight showing as we got there I was extremely thankful that my friend was kind enough to let us buy some of her extra tickets. I would've taken pictures there but of course we got there with only minutes to buy drinks and popcorn. Besides big bad Harkins worker told us absolutely no cell phones, cameras, or recording devices of any kind or we would be escorted out and denied entry. I of course was not going to chance it. I have to tell you that I really LOVED New Moon. Twilight was okay but New Moon in my book ROCKED! It was also fun because we were in a theater with some very excited teenage girls that weren't ashamed to voice their opinions through the movie and it totally cracked us up. I should mention that my teen was definitely in that mix:) During the school year I let my kids have 1 ditch day to spend the day with Matt or I. Kristina chose today, Friday, to be hers. I'll give you one guess what she wanted to do? Yep we saw New Moon again today. (Hence the yucky picture at the bottom. Sorry not the best!) She loved it and so wants to go again. I think I will wait on that one. After the movie we did lunch and a little shopping. I'm having so much fun with her as she gets older and we can't wait for Riley to join the mix. So if you are looking for something fun to do--go check out New Moon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chalk...What's it good for?

I'll tell you what it's good for...Making a huge mess out of my children and all the neighborhood children! At least they had fun decorating my driveway:)

Why oh why does she have to grow up?!

Last night they had the YW Evening in Excellence. They wanted the girls to feel like they were at the Oscars so they let them borrow formal gowns for the evening. I wasn't sure Kristina was going to do it and she came through and did it. I about fell over from shock when she came out in the dress. When did she get so grown up???? And on a side note...I never looked that good in a dress...little stinker:) I wish I would've taken the camera to get the rest of the girls because they were all so beautiful.

Monday, November 2, 2009


We started off our Halloween fun at the costume parade at Sam and Riley's school on Friday. (sorry the pics are totally out of order and I'm way too tired to fix them.) We had a ward trunk or treat on Friday which Kristina attended but Matt and I had to do some other errands we just didn't have time to get to the rest of the week. Then on Sat. we let the festivities began. We carved pumpkins and played outside. It was an amazing beautiful day! The kiddos got dressed up and off they went trick or treating! We LOVE Halloween at our house. Hope you all had a grand day!

Kristina before the trunk or treat
Hermoine Riley. I know it is lame at school but did get better for the actual trick or treating.
Karate Kid Sam
The Pumpkin and her studly AquaBat!
What a crew!
Good looking group!
I love these kids
Kristina's creative picture taking skills
Matt and his HOT DOG pumpkin
Sam and his pumpkin
Riley and her pumpkin
Kristina and her pumpkin
Me, my chins, and Mickey!
another cheese
Aren't we hot?!
Craving the pumpkins

Book Signing

Last week the kids and I and also my awesome cousin Jenny went to a book signing for Shadow Dragons. We just happen to know the author since we grew up with him. The kids love the Here There Be Dragons books and anytime we can do anything book related they are all over that! Good books for the teenish crowds by the way.

Awesome Dad

Just showing how Matt spends most of his Saturdays and time off. He is always willing to play with the kids. Isn't he such a great dad?!

Fall Carnival

Each year the kiddos' school has a Fall Carnival. Since we have moved here it has gotten better with each passing year. I decided to take the last shift to volunteer because whenever I choose earlier I am always stuck much longer than I'm suppose to be there. The kids had fun but unfortunately we didn't get a single shot of Matt. Bummer! They had bouncies, games, food, and fun. Kristina and I were able to serve in the snack department this year. Awwww...good times:)

Fire truck
Kristina with the popcorn job
I'm serving up some delicious sno cones

Honor Roll

I totally forgot to mention before fall break that these two smarties got honor roll yet again! Kristina had amazing grades as well. Great job kiddos!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

U2 Lego Concert!

I have totally trained my children right. While scrapbooking last night I got this video text from Matt. Sam and Riley made a U2 Lego Concert! Aren't they AWESOME! Tonite they were so excited because youtube was doing a live feed of U2 from the Rosebowl. I let them watch for awhile and they almost felt like they were there. It was a great concert there and I wish I could've gone to that one too. Oh well at least I have the U2 legos to make me happy:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

U2 Baby!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have loved and obsessed about U2 since I was around 14 years of age! I have had a HUGE crush on Bono forever. I have been to see them every time they are in town (except once) since the Joshua Tree tour. When I found out they were coming to town on Oct. 20th I of course had to go. Matt and I purchased our tickets for ourselves and Mark and Lesa at the beginning of the year. The seats were a little further back than I have been accustomed to thanks to Matt spoiling me. Then luck would have it that I won floor tickets to the concert!!! If you only knew how happy that made me:) We headed down to the concert and got there around 4:30 to pick up my tickets from the radio station. We got in line just as the gates opened. I had already picked up my concert shirt and was sooooo ready to go. Wouldn't you know that there were issues with my tickets. Can you say sweating bullets?!!!! After about 10 to 15 minutes everything was sorted out and we made it in. We did a quick trip to the bathroom and prayed we could get as close to the state as possible. Luckily Mark and Lesa were in our other seats and directed us to a place that was pretty open. There was only one person in front of me by the fence. I then marked my territory. There were some very nice people around us and we enjoyed chatting with them while we waited for the show to start. One guy there had already seen them 3 times, twice in Dublin, once in Toronto, and this show. He was also going to the Rose Bowl show on Sunday. I wonder what that would be like? Ho hum to dream:) We did see a little bit of a fight but luckily that was resolved quickly and there was no further issues. We had to sit through the Black Eyed Peas and then wait another 45 min. for U2. I was starting to panic a little by that point because everyone was there then and that was a lot of people surrounding me. I am slightly claustrophobic and I didn't know if I would be able to make it. Luckily my stud of a husband was there to protect me! Once U2 and my beloved Bono came out all was forgotten and I had a rip roaring good time!!! They were incredible as always and it was AWESOME to be so close. I could actually see his face and I know he looked into my eyes more than once:) I don't know if I could see another U2 show from a different seat now! It was sooooo much fun and I loved it so much even though my feet and legs totally hated my guts by the end of the night. Thanks Lesa and Mark for coming with us and I'm sorry we didn't get to sit next to each other. It was truly a memorable night!!!!

The incredible stage!
The guy taking the picture told us to act goofy!
Our view point
The crowd before The Black Eyed Peas
This is for Kristina--The Black Eyed Peas
Setting up for U2
Aren't we cute?!
My head showing how close we were to the fence
I would sooooo hate that job!
The crowd before U2 came on, do you see why I was claustrophobic!!
Sorry some pictures were not that great

We had a hard time getting a decent picture of the Edge
Bono of course!

He was totally singing to me at this point!
The whole group

The stage and effects were unbelievable!
Larry heard I was in the crowd so he came out to drum for me:)
Adam of course didn't want to miss out on seeing me either
He's saying Joele come and get me please:) Gladly!!!!! ha ha
saying good bye....nooooo please don't go!!!!
Matt and I at the end of the night
One more picture of the stage
We forgot to change the settings on the camera hence the green hue...sorry!

It's amazing how quick they start taking the stage down

Thanks so much for taking me Matt and putting up with my non-stop I love Bono references. You know you're the only guy for me! It was a fantastic night! If you want to see more pics check out my facebook page!