Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Time!!

We started off Halloween time with a YW activity on Tuesday. Kristina kept thinking she was going to go as John Shaft but I had to convince her we didn't have that much leather lying around. Afro maybe but not leather. We did decide on this lovely ensemble. I did relent and let her wear my beloved 87' U2 Joshua Tree tour shirt. Deep breathe, deep breathe. She had strict orders not to ruin it because I am rather fond of that shirt. I have to admit she did look pretty good and it brought back some fond memories. Those were the days:)

Halloween day we did our pumpkin craving. Each of us had our own to do with what we will. Riley and Sam would only draw the face on and the rest was up to Matt and I. Kristina just wanted us to gut the pumpkin and she did the rest. I think she did a fantastic job on Jack Skelington if I do say so myself. Way to go Kristina!!

This is Matt's lovely creation called HAND

Riley's silly face creation

Sam's creation

Of course my Mickey Mouse

Kristina's Jack Skelington (sp?)

The kids then got dressed up for a fun night of trick or treating! Riley is our cute October Witch, Kristina is Turtlesaur (a character that she has created and is in the process of making into a comic book), and Sam is of course Spiderman! We did loose Kristina that night because she is that age were she would rather be with friends. Riley, Sam, and I hit the pavement and made quite the killing in Halloween candy this year! I hope you did the same Kristina! We had a fun, fun day:)


The Dillon 6 said...

fun times! We always have fun carving pumpkins, too...we just don't get extremely creative. ;)

Rubalcava's said...

We missed you guys this year...I love the spiderman in flip flops!

CASSIE said...

LOVE the pumpkins...we missed your neighborhood this year...Jada didn't get near as much candy this year..bummer!

Joele and Matt said...

It was too hot to wear anything but flip flops:) Cass you should of come out here. The kids made a huge haul. We didn't even go for that long and their buckets were over flowing. This is by far the best they have done in trick or treating here.

Crick Martindell said...

I have to say I really love your pumpkin of the hand...that is really cool! Oh my gosh I can not believe how much Kristina looks like you...I had to blow up the picture with the three of them to make sure that wasn't you in the middle!, that is too fun!

Joele and Matt said...

Turst me that is Kristina cuz I am much much wider:)