Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tagged 7 Random Things about me!

Thanks so much Kathleen!!
1: I tear up or cry when I go on Small World at Disney or see the Electric Light Parade at Disney. Don't worry tears of joy! I am such a dork:)
2: I can almost tell you what tv show is playing on most the major networks of any given night. There goes my dorkness again:)
3: I have worked at the dental office off and on for 13 years.
4: I have 7 brothers and 6 sisters.
5: I hate, hate, hate when people do not return their grocery carts to the cart corral or in front of the store.
6: It freaks me out to go to bed without watching shows that I have taped that evening. I am such a loser!!
7: I always have to count my stairs when I go up or down. Wow never realized how strange I really am:) ha ha
Since it is late and my brain is not working I tag whoever wants to do this!


KatSpy said...

Joele I didn't think most of that was too dorky until I got to #7. ;o) We all have quirks and yours are really not too quirky. Thanks for sharing.

The Self's said...

I got tagged by one of my friends for ALMOST the same thing...6 instead of 7. It may take me a while to think of weird facts about myself that I'm actually willing to share :D

It IS fun learning all these "quirky" things about others though, makes me feel a little more normal (only because I'm a little "quirky" too)

CASSIE said...

Your hilarious! I have to say I am guilty on the grocery cart thing-- SORRY!

The Dillon 6 said...

boy, I knew you loved Disney, but really? ;) I don't count stairs, but I do add numbers...for instance, if your house address were 1551, I would add 1+5=6+5=11+1=12. And then sometimes, I even add 1+2=3. I know -- weird. ;)

Joele and Matt said...

i know melissa, i am a total cheeseball. my kids have inherited my disney craze. last time their riley started crying around the last couple of hours before we left and then cried about most the way home. she didn't want to go! we are still bitter we aren't going this year!!

johnsonteammom said...

I don't think you're a dork, really. But, I also didn't know that your mom gave birth to 14 kids!! I can't wait to see her and then give her a hug and I'm also going to stop complaining about my "little" brood.

Joele and Matt said...

Stacy, My mom didn't have the pleasure of having 14 babies. That's including my mom and dad, step-mom and step-dad. They are all just my brothers and sisters to me so I rarely include halves or steps:)

johnsonteammom said...

Whew! I was going to go buy her a medal or something to congratulate her.