Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dino museum and other fun stuff!

Since it is fall break this week and we weren't going to Disneyland (sob sob, can anyone tell I'm still bitter?) I took today and tomorrow off to spend time with the kids. We were able to go to one of our favorite places the dinosaur museum. Not sure the real name because they just changed it. The kids always get a kick out of going. You get to see cool dinosaur bones and usually there are traveling exhibits. We sometimes wished that we lived closer to it again.

They also had a PSI exhibit this time around which stood for poop scene investigation. The kids got a total kick out of that. We felt bad that Matt didn't make it this time because I know he would've loved this. Kristina was happy to fill in as our other photographer!

The kids also got to pan for gold. It was such a nice day today so I didn't mind it too much. Sometimes it is so stinking hot I don't have the patience to sit there with them!

They also got to be in the movies! At the museum there is a little section for the movies that have been filmed in AZ. They have a blue screen in a little booth that you can try and get into the action from the movie!

After the museum we decided to head to the temple. It has been awhile since we have last been there. In fact it was probably since last Christmas. Isn't that just terrible?! It was so nice and pretty and helped the kids calm down after so much fun.

We then headed off to my work to make copies. The kids love to go there to visit just not to have their teeth cleaned. They think it is cool to sit at my desk and socialize with my coworkers. Can't say that I blame them there because the are just plain great to be around! After that we headed to McDonalds on the way home and met up with Cassie, Ranan, and Jada. It was good to see them. I didn't get a picture of Jada because she was too busy playing. Did manage to get a nice pic of Cassie and Ranan. Thanks for joining us. What a fun day we had:)


Lesa said...

I love the pictures it's so much fun to see the kids and you only a 3 more weeks for the real deal!!! Are they ready for their crazy auntie that almost was????

Rubalcava's said...

I'm still bummed we didn't ever get to go to the museum with you...the kids would have loved it.

The Dillon 6 said...

fun day!!! We haven't taken our family to the Temple....ever. I don't know why. That woud be a good thing to do on Sunday afternoon... :)