Saturday, October 18, 2008

AZ Science Center

Today we decided to take the kids for a fun trip to the AZ Science Center. It was loads of fun and lots of interactive things for the kids to do. We really wanted to see the Narnia Exhibit but they wanted around another $40 for that. Can you all say a big fat NEGATIVE!!! It looked cool from what we saw but we enjoyed ourselves with all the other stuff to see. I hope the kids had fun on their fall break this year!

The above picture is of Matt trying to pick up on the hot cardboard cutout. Can't leave him alone for a minute!!

Sam was in total heaven in this exhibit. A giant map and building homes. Two of his most favorite things on this planet!! We had a hard time getting him out of here.

Then it was off to senses and your body. So many things to do. The kids and Matt really enjoyed the giant nose. You throw balls into it, sorta like boogers until it sneezes them out. It is rather funny and I really wished I would've taken a video. Darn it!

Look at how smart they all are:)

Then it was off to the digital world. This one was alot of fun. Catching the digital balls and doing other silly things.

We then went to the Forces of Nature exhibit. Lots of interesting things about nature and earth in general. Our favorite thing by far was the Forces of Nature platform. They showed a video of different things happening like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornado's, dust storms and so forth while you stood on a platform. Then it rained, shook, wind and whatever else to make you experience it. So much fun! Sam was of course brave with the thunderstorm. Yeah right:)

After all was said and done the kids got to pick something out at the gift shop. I think that had to be their favorite thing of the day.

This is were we should've eaten. We know it is awesome and Matt was REALLY wanting to try it out but the kids were done and wanted to go eat somewhere else. I promise Matt, you and I will try it without the kids:)

We did go to Bill Johnson's though and ate loads of yummy food! What more could you ask for than a pulled pork sandwich, salad and fried zucchini. We were stuffed when we were done. Had a fun filled family day and what more could you ask for than that!


Auburn said...

SO SO SO fun! I can't wait for my kiddos to be old enough for that. So funny that you wanted to go to pizzeria Bianco - I went to Pane Bianco for the first time this past week and it was GOOD! I've never been to pizzeria bianco ;o)

CASSIE said...

Another sweet thing! I have lived in AZ all my life and have yet to go to any of this! Where is this one at?

Joele and Matt said...

The Science Center is in Phoenix right by Chase Field. Loads of fun and tons to do for the kiddos. I will totally be trying Pizzeria Bianco's soon Auburn! We want to go without the kiddos to totally enjoy it:) I know horrible but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do1

The Dillon 6 said...

we haven't been to one of these for looks like you all had a great time!!!