Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sick Kids

This week has been crazy in the sickness department at the Bucko household. It started after church on Sunday. The kids had their Primary Program which Sam and Riley did great in. They were so excited to do their parts. When we got home Sam told me he thought he had a headache.

Sam - Mom I think I have a headache.

Me - Why do you say that buddy?

Sam - My head hurts here, here, and here (pointing all over his head) but not on the outside only on the inside.

Poor kid. He didn't sleep well all night and woke up with a fever. Before I left for work his throat was looking pretty nasty. Thinking he had Strep Throat I made an appt. for the next day. He had a fever off and on all day. The next day he woke up still not feeling to good. As we were just about to go down stairs he grabs his mouth and I hear his tummy rumble. He proceeded to barf. YUCKY!! This is like his second time doing that. He told me that he didn't quite like throwing up. Later when it was time to wake dad though he was excited to tell him all about it and how it was his favorite color, yellow!! (I know gross but I couldn't resist!) After a doctor visit he did not have Strep. Thank heavens! We were told to keep him home one more day but I really think he could have made it to school on Wed. Oh well.

Today Kristina woke up with a fever and headache. Aaarrrgghhh!!!! She was still feeling pretty crummy come bed time so I think she will be missing one more school day. Then Riley decided to go to bed early which is so unlike her. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she is just tired and not getting sick. Poor kids! JUST PLEASE DON'T BREATH ON ME OR DAD!!!!

UPDATE: Well I think Riley is coming down with all this sickness junk. It is a Friday night and she wanted to go to bed around 8. That is unheard of in this house!! She was very quite and tired since coming home from school. Darn it, I was hoping it wouldn't get her. Once again, JUST DON'T GIVE IT TO ME OR DAD!!!!


CASSIE said...

Don't breathe on me! I have just had snot nosed kiddos all week! I feel your pain!

The Self's said...

Stay away...far, far away:P Don't worry I still love you :D I feel for you though, it's rough having sick kids.

Rubalcava's said...

ooh...yuck! I'm glad that I'm a million miles away so that we don't catch it!

The Dillon 6 said...

we've been sick up here, too. Hope it's all gone by now!!