Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Schnepf Farms

Okay, I know I have been posting quite a bit but this should be it for at least a couple of days. Sam has been talking about riding the roller coasters at Disneyland (our favorite place to go) now for some time. Now for those of you who don't know, my kids are just plain chicken! So for Sam to say this we were really excited and wanted to leave right then for Disneyland. Matt decided that we needed to check if this was true on a smaller scale and as luck would have it Schnepf Farms was having their Peach Festival. As many of you know they have the Pumpkin and Chili Party in October. Going then is alot of fun but it sure dang crowded and gets a little pricey around that time. I would suggest waiting for Ag Days or the Peach Festival because it is sure less crowded and you have the rides pretty much to yourselves. We love going there and it sure is nice cuz it is pretty darn close to our house. At the Peach Festival Kristina invited one of her friends and we took the rest of the kids and were off for a fun filled day. The first thing we did was take Sam on the roller coaster there. He was all for it till he saw it and then got a little scared. Matt took him and talked him through it and he did it!!! He said it made his stomach feel silly inside. We did get Kristina to ride it once but Riley wouldn't get on it. It was a fun day and now I just wish we were at Disneyland to ride all the rides!!! Hopefully soon.