Monday, August 18, 2008

Pioneer Days

We were able to go to Snowflake this year for Pioneer Days. What am I saying...We go pretty much go every year:) It was nice to be able to get into some cooler weather and have some good times. We were lucky enough to sit by Jenny and Dana and all their family. Thanks Dana for keeping us laughing throughout the parade. Then it was off to the craft fair a little later in the day. I always have to get the fry bread there and thankfully it didn't disappoint! We were then able to go to my Dad's and visit with alot of my brothers and sisters. I wish everyone could've been there. It was also one of the last weekends I was able to see Vanessa and her family before their move. We got to sit outside and enjoy the rain and just let the kids run wild. Later that night it was time for fireworks. It was all so much fun. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to see my friends from the Class of '88 while they were having their reunion. Just didn't think I should crash it. Maybe next time;P It is always fun when we get to go as our little family and just enjoy good times together.
The kids by the High School and the famed Lobo!
Riding the train at the craft fair! All aboard!
My beloved fry bread! Yummy!!!
Kristina and Jada on Snuffy being led by Dad.
Timmy and Maura riding Chance with Vanessa, Topher, and my Dad keeping an eye on them.
The kids enjoying being outside and the rain!

Run Sam and Riley run! Sam was keeping his ears covered because of the thunder.

Trying to get the kids to lay down for a picture. Yeah, like that was going to happen!

Hurray for fireworks!

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Blog Stalker said...

I was in Snowflake once before the Mormon Temple was dedicated. Did not see much of the town(or city). You post showed a nice place. I will have to try and visit in the future.

Nice post