Monday, August 18, 2008

The Circus in Tucson

Not long after returning from NY we went to have another adventure thanks to Grandpa Richie and Grandma Junie. They wanted us to come for the 4th of July weekend and go to the circus. Me being who I am was not that excited to go. I thought I wouldn't have any fun. To my delight I had a total blast! I think I was more excited than the rest of the fam. We got to sit on the second row and had a fabulous view of everything going on. I even got to particpate in the show just a little with a clown. Despite the fact that we spent way too much on the dang eats there we did have a fun time. I just wish the Tucson crowd would've been a little more excited because they really put on a good show.

Waiting for the show to start!

This is the clown that let me hold his teddy bear and wake him up. Kristina thought he was hitting on me:)

We also got to enjoy some swimming while we were there. One of the favorites to do at Grandpa and Grandma's house.

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