Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ode to Arizona

I just have to say that I totally love AZ! Granted I haven't lived everywhere but the places I've been I just love this state. We have desert and mountains and plenty of sun. What more can you ask for?! Here are some pics to show just how pretty it is. I know I am not as good as my fab older brother but I don't think the pics are too bad.

Just so you know that it does snow here too!


The Self's said...

Yay... You FINALLY have a blog!!! Now we have yet another way to stalk each other heehee =)

It's so fun to see pics of your family. I can't believe how much Christina looks like you...a "mini Joele"...how fun! (although she looks taller than you, is she?)

I totally agree with you about AZ! I'm trying to convince all my out of state friends too, but it's hard work when all they seem to see is the dry, hot desert. I would never live anywhere else!

Lesa said...

Great pics Joele!!! Can't wait for you to show me and Marcy around!!

Joele and Matt said...

I know Mel, isn't AZ just so nice?! Kristina is taller than me by the way. Doesn't take a whole lot to do that though:)