Friday, June 5, 2009

Now a word from our guest...Kristina...Part 2!

This is my trip with Aunt Megan and Aunt Julia to the city! :D No, there is no Star Trek involved since I saw that the day after. ANYWAYS! So, here are the pictures of the city. I don't really know what to say.This is the train we took to the city. There was a banana by my foot.
This is the train station we were at

This is Grand Central Station

(Don't ask about that guy. I have no idea who that is.)

This is a True Blood poster thing. I think it's a TV show about vampires! :D

This is Times Square. I saw the Naked Cowboy, but I chickened out. I was scared to take a picture with him. xD

Me and Aunt Megan by the giant M&M at the M&M store. :)

This was taken from a three story Applebee's.
Aunt Megan took us to see Shrek the Musical on Broadway! It was AWESOME!!

Me and Aunt Julia by the giant whale at the Museum of Natural History

Oops picture! Pass this one!

Aunt Megan by some hooves

Oh my gosh, it's Manny! :O

This is a bat skeleton. I thought it was awesome.

Aunt Megan and Aunt Julia by a fossil we could touch xD
This is for you Lesa and Marcy

Run away Julia or the dinosaur will eat you!

Who is that?
The one and only Rexy!
Aunt Julia, me, and Aunt Megan by Rexy!

Me by a T rex (my favorite dinosaur) and it's prey

Look, it's the New York Police Department!
I thought it was the pizza place. xD
This is a really old plant.
More to come in some future post:)

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Lesa said...

I love the Utah, Arizona, New York Bride shot it's the best!!!