Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mommy and Sam date!

Friday I was set to do my cleaning so I would not have to do it on Saturday and Matt decided to take Riley and Sam to the library so I could get it done. Sam was pitching a fit that he didn't want to go so I promised we could go for ice cream on Saturday if he went and was good. He had it in his mind that it was just going to be a date with him and I. Of course the girls were a little disappointed but I promised I would take them on a Mommy date too at a later date. Sam decided we should go to McDonald's for the date but was not too happy about me taking pictures to capture our moment. In fact he told me that McDonald's had signs posted that pictures were not allowed to be taken there or else. He just didn't want to take a picture. Luckily I convinced him that is was all okay to take pictures. It was fun to do a little outing with him and his conversation was just awesome. As he saw other people there he kept asking me if they were on dates too? That kid cracks me up! Thanks for the fun time bud!

Can you tell he wasn't happy with the camera?

Sam had the camera and wanted me to take a really big bite. Flattering I know:)

Sam still not happy about having the camera out! Stinker!!
Us leaving and me having to hold him in a death grip for the picture.


Rubalcavas said...

you're such a cool mom!

CASSIE said...

Aren't the one on one kid dates the best!? HOLY ShMOLY...I haven't seen the floor in their room in years!! haha! jk! :) It looks good!