Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Sam!!

Thursday we celebrated Sam's 7th birthday. Since I am a "mean" mom we do not have parties every year. The poor kid thought he was going to die because he couldn't open presents until I came home from work. I am happy to say that he survived. He opened presents and was so glad to get the Flight Simulator for the computer he had been asking for. Unfortunately our computer is slightly old and takes sometime to get going but he has been loving every second he gets to play. He also got some bday money and couldn't wait to buy a solar system. I know my kids are a little weird. His bday meal of choice was Burger King which he ate every last bite. The next day we took him and his sisters to see Up. If you haven't seen it yet get going. It was a terrific movie! I think if you asked him he would say it was a great birthday:)


Rubalcavas said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I can't believe how big he's getting!

CASSIE said...

Happy b-day Sam! I can't believe he's 7!!

Kyla said...

Happy Birthday Sam!! I remember when you were in your mommas belly, cause I met her the day before you were born!