Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Car Day with Dad

Since Matt is off for the week (not be his choice) he has been thinking of ways to entertain the troops. Today he decided to take the lot of them out to the Penske Racing Museum since for some reason two of the three kids love cars. Riley tends to be more like her mother on that point. They loaded up and picked up BFF Ryleigh for an afternoon of fun. Thanks Matt for giving them something to do. I know they loved it!

Kristina and Ryleigh
After the museum Matt decided to stop by the major expensive car dealership to show the kids the cars there. Kristina is obsessed with Ferrari's! I mean OBSESSED!!! She was in 7th heaven being there. Matt being the good dad that he is convinced the salesperson to let her sit in one. As he tells me it wasn't easy to get him to let her do it. She of course sat in one of the less expensive ones...I think Matt said it was around $150,000. Geesh! You can buy a whole house for that. The Bentley's there were in the $200,000. That totally made her day though. Now the child walks around saying she has Ferrari on her butt. So classy:)

I know in her mind she is saying "one day this will be mine!"
Thanks again for taking them for a fun day Daddy!


The Self's said...

My dad used to LOVE going to car shows (well, I guess he still does). He'd drag us all over to go to them when I was little, some of my fondest memories!

It's pretty impressive that Matt wants to spend his time off with the kids...good for him!

Kyla said...

What a cool dad! I don't think Christina will fit in that tiny red car... her legs are forever long :)