Friday, June 5, 2009

And now a word from our guest....Kristina!!!! Part 1

Hi everyone! I'm the guest blogger Kristina! I'm really excited! :D Anyways, this is kind of the end of my trip... so, yeah. The first few pictures is where I got the Yonkers tour from Kara and George. We saw a watermelon! :D We also saw the Lepercaun house! And I also saw where elevators used to be made! Then we went to the Hudson River Museum and Kara used to work there. We went into a really big house, went to a planetarium show thing, saw the seahorse, and made bats. Kara also bought me astronaut ice cream! This is me and Kara by a statue of a jazz lady (I forgot her name)
This is me and George standing in front of a Yonkers sign

This is a really big dollhouse with 26 rooms

This is the city from the Hudson River

George and Kara :)

Me and Kara
Then the next day, we had a giant BBQ! Lot's of people came and all the kids played together. Then we ate lunch and went back to playing. I took lots of pictures, but I was limited to a few. So here are some of the pictures. :D

This is Grandpa Richie and his Boston Creme doughnut
This is Marissa, Jared, Ethan, and Aidan

This is James and Kayla. They spent the night with us and they were so cute together. :)
These are the awesome cupcakes Laura made. They were yummy and awesome! :D

This is Laura, Andrea, Megan, and Marissa at the park :)

This is Jared on his quad.... at the park. xD

This is Uncle Pete and Aaron on the swings

James at a cupcake and liked it a lot xD

Now these are random pictures. Just as an FYI, I like Star Trek and there are a few Star Trek pictures. Can you believe I saw that movie twice in one week? :D

This is my Star Trek movie ticket when I saw it the 2nd time and the Enterprise paper airplane. xD I warned you. :P

The best pizza place ever.

Oh my gosh, it's the Enterprise! :O

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makeyounosense said...

#1 Jazz Lady= Ella Fitzgerald
#2- George and I SAW THE LEPRECHAUN yesterday! he was walking about. i didn't get a pic, but hopefully i'll see him again and snag one.