Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pioneer Days Celebration in Snowflake

We went up to Snowflake for the Pioneer Days Celebration on the weekend of the 16th even though it is suppose to be around the 24th of July. Go figure. Here are some pics from our adventure!

After the temple we had to go here for a little bit of this
and some of this

Then for the next day we went here for this

Got to see my dad in this
and Grandpa (still going strong at 92) on his tractors. Wish we had a pic of the whole thing.
After the parade we did a little of this
Wrong order but we did watch this. Rocket being launched in million mile an hour wind.

Plugging the ears for the big take off!
Then we watched cute boys doing this.
And silly kids playing and having fun.

And crazy preggers sister doing this. (hee hee gotcha Cass)
And of course lots of time doing this. Loving and riding the horses!

We of course then had to get the wiggles out.

Then finish the day off with this.
We always love to go to Snowflake for Pioneer Days. It is always fun to see family and friends and have a great time!


Rubalcavas said...

Looks everyone had tons of fun! Sad I missed it.

The Self's said...

Can't believe I missed you...darnit :( Looks like you guys had a great time!

Barb said...

I didn't get to see ya either!! We were sitting just down the road from ya at the parade!! Hopefully we'll see ya next time!

CASSIE said...

You better watch your back!! :)

Kam and Sarah said...

hahaha I love the picture of Cass!