Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last getaway before school

We did one last quick trip to Tucson before schools starts up next week. It is always fun to go and swim and just relax. I still can't believe our summer is almost done but I think the kids will like having something to do besides sleeping in, playing video games, going on the computer, watching tv, and going on weekend getaways...yeah right! So long beloved summer!!! We will miss you:(


Kyla said...

Why is school starting so early?! Poor kids

Anonymous said...

School starts earlier every year! It's always fun to have one last hoorah before the school year starts. It was so fun to run into you up in good 'ole Snowflake! Even if we were melting. Man, it was hot! Hope you enjoyed your fry bread. Good memories of Snowflake and Grandma's house. Remember how we would walk to Ed's everyday to buy candy and then Grandma would yell at Kris and Ryan for smashing her flowers while they played ball in her yard?? I miss those days!