Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shout out!

I thought I should give a shout out and great job to this child! Living where we do and with a new High School our district isn't lucky enough to have a Seminary building by the school for release time. The kids here in our Stake have to go to early morning Seminary. The young lady has been so diligent about getting up around 4:50am every morning to be ready by 5:30 so she can be to Seminary by 5:45am. She has had her grouchy moments and begging to just sleep in but is there pretty much every day. I don't know if I could've done it but I am so very proud of her and her willingness to do so. Great job kiddo and all the other dedicated kids out here!


The Webbs said...

good for her! that is awesome :)))

CASSIE said...

What a proud little Aunt I am! That is not an easy thing to do! Way to go Kristina! It will all be worth it!

JC and Jen Young said...

That is so hard!! Early morning seminary is the worst but worth it!! Good job girl!