Saturday, March 27, 2010

Matt and Sam's trip

Anyone that knows Sam knows that Sam loves airplanes and airports. So when Richie and June found out when the Air Show in Tucson was they invited Matt and Sam to come and enjoy the show. It luckily ended up being the last weekend of spring break so Matt and Sam headed to Tucson for some father, son bonding. Saturday they spent the entire day at the air show and had a blast. Matt said all in all Sam did very well. He did have some moments but when he came home he couldn't stop talking about it. I also learned that on that trip Sam discovered the IHOP's french toast is much better than his mommy's french toast. Oh is me. har har
You will notice a trend from these pictures that Sam is usually in some spot he's supposedly in danger or trying to hold up planes with his tidy whities hanging out.

On another note. While Matt and Sam were away Kristina had a slumber party on Friday night which left Riley and I with an evening to ourselves. We decided to do some shopping. After hitting the loser mall we went to Kohl's, Target, and McDonald's. At the last 3 places I started noticing people shopping in the pajamas. Okay did I not get the memo that it is perfectly acceptable to shop in your PJs? What the heck? Then when we got to McDonald's an entire family came in after us. I know it was late (Riley and I were there for an ice cream and fries) but does that mean you have to come in your thread bare PJs? It was disgusting! To top it off their 2 boys and 2 girls were so obnoxious. They were running around screaming at the top of their lungs, rolling all over the floor, and jumping from the tables. Where were their parents you ask? Oh they were just sitting in the booth totally ignoring the little demon spawns. It's bad enough that they were out in their stinking PJs but PLEASE control your little darlings. I know they drove more than one costumer out of that place that night. Am I alone in thinking that this society is really starting to loose it sometimes? I mean come on! Okay I'm totally done ranting. I'm sure if we are friends on facebook you've already had to listen to me gripe about this so I am done now.
I sure did love spring break and was sad to see it go. Summer is just around the corner though. Yahoo!

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JC and Jen Young said...

You always crack me up and your music makes me dance in my computer chair while I read your blog. I totally hear you on the PJ's and crazy kids, but I do have to say I am guilty of running in the store REAL quick in the AM in my PJ's. but in my defence I live 1000 miles away and some times I have to when I drop Sadie off at school. Mine arne't thread bare and no child is with me.