Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today upon arriving home from work Riley welcomed me out in the garage. She told me of tales that other kids had tadpoles and she wanted one too. I asked her where those tadpoles came from and she informed me at the school. Confused as to where at the school she told me of the big puddle in the retention basin by the school. I asked if she wanted to go catch some which she replied with a big ol YES! I came in and rounded up some cups and children because of course Sam and Kristina wanted in on the adventure. We headed to the school to see a big muddy mess with a little bit of water left. In that little bit of water were quite a few tadpoles and me being mom didn't want the kiddos getting muddy so I balanced myself on the edge and used four cups to catch us five little tadpoles. We brought the little guys home and now they are swimming happily in a big bucket out back with fish food to boot. It brought back memories of the good old days and catching tadpoles or polliwogs (as we also referred to them) in the pond across the street. Thanks for wanting tadpoles Riley Roo!

Kristina named hers Jeff
Before the mud settled. I swear they are in there!

It's the black dot at the bottom. My pictures were better but I don't know how to put them on the computer:)

Update: Sadly I forgot to move them out of the sun this morning and they all died. Now the kids are mad at mom and sad. Oh well, maybe next time we'll have better luck:(


The Self's said...

You murderer!!! Just kidding:) At my house, it's always the kids who do the "killing", so I feel no remorse whatsoever...(evil laugh)heeheehee!

Kyla said...

Oh NO!!