Monday, August 24, 2009

Family fun!

This past week we have been lucky enough to have my sister Vanessa and her family and my baby sister Alyssa come to town for a visit. We started off the festivities with a BBQ at Cassie's on Tues. nite. I wasn't feeling totally great that night and stupid me forgot the camera. It was a little wild and crazy but so much fun to visit with the family that was able to come. Then last night we got together again at Rich's house for a slide show. I still think some of those shots should be tragically destroyed so they are never to be seen again but I doubt that is gonna happen. Oh well, one can dream. I did remember the camera this time but of course forgot to get it out until the end. These are some shots I was able to get. Trying to catch everyone I did fail miserably and I'm sorry to those I did not get. It was a fun night with lots of laughing and good times. We are going to miss you Ness (and fam) and Lyss when you leave us yet again:(

Self posing Kristina
Riley...what can I say
Cute kiddos watching the dog
NY cousins hanging out
The newest member of the fam...sweet Bentley
I could not get Ranan to smile for me for nothing
Me and Topher
Dad and Nessa
Yowza! Check out this hot couple!
Alex making sure Kam and Sarah buckle Bentley in right:)
She is just so darn sweet
Who is that masked man?????
Jada, Jameson, and Ranan getting ready to say goodbye for the night
Maura and Lyssa...what cuties!
Poor kid hasn't felt good all week
One last bear hug before they go!


Rubalcavas said...

Cute pics...(except for the ones of me)! We had a blast...we miss you all already!

CASSIE said...

We had such a good time! Thanks for coming!