Monday, August 17, 2009

Bowling Baby!

Saturday we decided we should try or skills at bowling. Matt and I haven't been since before Kristina was born and the kids have only done the Wii bowling. (does that count?) It was actually loads of fun. Sam being the little skinny guy had quite the bowling form. Maybe I will try and post a video of it later. The girls did mighty fine. Matt was finally having it come back to him by the end of the game. Better luck next time dear:) Me...Well I will just let the picture tell you all about my mad bowling skills! Don't be hating on me ya hear! The kids can't wait to try it again.

I am the champion!!! Woot Woot!! Lame score though. I will do better next time.
Matt is totally in the zone
Kristina was worried everyone was staring at her
Riley had major skills!
Sam could throw the ball like no other!
Notice that I am missing? That was totally for all of your benefit. My darling teen took a not so flattering shot of my back-end so I thought I would be kind and not post such a shot!

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Ashley said...

Looks like you had fun. Dont you just love all those "no one will ever see pics" I have a bunch of those.