Friday, March 20, 2009

Zoo Trip!

Yesterday I took the kids to the zoo. Matt was suppose to go but thankfully he was able to work!! I know that sounds funny for me to say that but work hasn't been what it used to be so any work that gets passed his way he takes them up on it. It was a warm day to say the least but I do believe that the kids had fun. I know I did. Later my mom had called and wanted Riley and Sam to stay the night so Kristina and I decided to go see Twilight in the dollar theater one last time before it came out on video. I tell you my teen is totally obsessed!!! I called a couple of friends, thanks Tia and Jeni for coming, and Kristina called Ryleigh and off we went to a late movie. Nice ending to a fun day! (Sorry for all the pictures. I always say not too many but then there are so many to choose from.)

We finally went to Stingray Bay and the kids loved it!

Kristina is almost a Thoroughbred!
Of course you must take time to smell the flowers!
Check out my fabulous pearls!!

Run for your lives!!


Rubalcava's said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Miss you guys.

Corinne said...

I love all the pictures. One of my favorite things about you and your family is you know how to have fun. You can totally tell in the pictures. You guys are awesome! Love ya!