Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Riley!!

It's hard to believe that 10 years ago our little Riley decided to enter this world. She wasn't due until the 16th but I guess she decided we really needed a Valentine's baby. This sweet girl has blessed our lives so much and I am thankful for the sweet spirit she brings into our family!
We started the day off by finally getting to sleep in. Well I should say I got to sleep in but Riley was to excited to sleep too late. She awoke and patiently awaited till we were all dressed before she opened her presents. I think she made out rather nicely:)

Here she is with her dad and Sam. Kristina decided to spend the day at the zoo with friends and we missed her. Mean mom that I am I only do parties on the big birthdays but the kids don't seem to mind so much.

After presents we loaded up to go to the San Tan mall. Riley had a wad of cash that was totally burning a hole in her pocket. The main store she wanted to visit was any bookstore. Luckily there is a huge Barnes and Noble at the mall and she was excited to go! She totally cracked me up when we entered the store because it is two stories and that is two stories of bliss for Riley. Right when she entered there was a "Whoa" coming from Riley and she was in HEAVEN!!! This kid is a total book worm. (She has the most AR points from reading in the entire school!) She had found 5 books to take home and read right away. She would've bought more but wants to save some of her money for a DS game coming out next month. Then it was off to Build a Bear because she got a birthday gift card from them for her other bears. Note to all the readers, NEVER GO TO BUILD A BEAR ON VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Talk about insane craziness in there!!! She found a cute doggie and now all is right with the world:)

We picked up Kristina on the way home and had Riley's meal of choice for her birthday, TV dinners. The kid is a little strange:) That is now our official Valentine's dinner. I know you are jealous, right?! Grandma and Grandpa headed over for cake to end the day. It was such a fun day. We love you Riley and are so grateful to have you in our family!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET GIRL!!


Corinne said...

Happy Birthday Riley! You're such a sweetie and we're so glad you were born. WE LOVE YOU!

The Self's said...

What a cutie! She sounds a lot like my Jennah, both super-readers! You gotta love them!

CASSIE said...

Happy Birthday Riley! I thought about our fun loving valentine's baby numerous times yesterday! I hope you had a great one! LOVE YA!

The Dillon 6 said...

Happy Birthday, Riley!

The best thing about TV dinners is that everyone gets to eat something they LIKE to eat. :)