Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kristina is officially a TEENAGER!!!

Thirteen years ago our sweet eldest child decided to enter this world. Granted she was 2 1/2 weeks early she gave us an idea of what life would be like with her! Kristina has been such a good kid with such a funny personality. She is usually kind and sweet but her teenage hormones tend to take over her every now and then! We are so grateful for her in our life!

Sorry about the blur but I had to show the child's Twilight obsession!
Since her birthday fell on a Sunday we celebrated yesterday with a yummy lunch at NYPD Pizza. One of our favorite places. Grandpa Richie and Grandma Junie happened to be in town so we were lucky enough to have them join us. We also brought Kristina's best bud Ryleigh along because those two just love to hang out together. After lunch we headed to the mall to see what treasures she could buy with the birthday cash that was burning a hole in her pocket. Time was running short and the younger siblings were getting bored so we didn't get to spend as much time there as she would've liked. I guess I will have to take her again. Then today for her actual birthday we had Ma and Grandpa come over to have cake after church. I think she had a pretty good day and just want her to know that we love her moods and all. She is such a sweet girl and I'm glad that she is a part of our lives!

Kristina and her partner in crime Ryleigh! (I hope I spelled your name right!)


The Dillon 6 said...

cute girl -- hard to been so long since NY when neither of us had kids. ;)

Does she like boys who sparkle even AFTER that horrid movie?!

Kyla said...

What?!?! I can't believe Kristina is 13... Good luck Joele! (just kidding Kristina, love you girl! Miss ya!)

PS- I ♥ boys who sparkle too :)

The Self's said...

Be honest Joele...Kristina's not the only one with the Twilight obsession, she's just the only one brave enough to wear it on a t-shirt :D

I can't believe you're old enough to be the mother of a teenager;) ~Love ya' cuz!

Rubalcava's said...

Happy Birthday Kristina! We love you!

CASSIE said...

happy b-day!! did you get our fabulous message!?

Lesa said...

She is so beautiful I love you!!!! Happy Birthday girl!!!