Monday, December 26, 2011

U2 in Anaheim June 2011!!!!

As I said in the previous post Matt and I had tickets to U2 in Anaheim. For those who know me well you know I have had an obsession with U2 since I was 14. That is a long obsessions I tell ya!! We had those tickets for quite some time since Bono's injury the previous year. I can't tell you how excited I was to finally be putting them to use. We rested all day because you know we did Disney the 2 days before. We are old and need our rest ya know. We got to the stadium early and waited in line for a few hours. Once we got in we noticed that they were letting anyone into the inner circle. Even though I have claustrophobia big time (thanks older brothers for the many years of torture for that phobia!) I decided we should try it. Wouldn't you know we were able to be right by the stage!! I have never been so excited. (ok slight exagration on that one) I was pretty darn excited!! We were able to be on The Edge's side and it was wonderful! Thanks to Debbie and Mara (who we met there) we had a great time. Also thanks to Debbie for letting me use her pictures since we forgot our camera. I have been completely spoiled by that and must from now on always be by the stage! Did you hear that Matt?! ha ha It was an incredible night that I won't soon forget!
Lenny Kravitz opened and here he comes!

This is to show you all how close we really were!
Look Ma! I'm right by the stage!

I love you Bono!!!!

I can almost pinch his hiney:)

Debbie, Mara, and me!!!

Please don't be over! I don't want it to end:(

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