Monday, December 26, 2011

Disney Trip With The Hubby!

*DISCLAIMER* Please don't have a heart attack since I am finally updating the blog! I figured I have a week off work so I better do something productive:)

Back in June Matt and I were still the proud owner of our Anaheim U2 tickets from the year prior. With it being in Anaheim how can we not plan a trip to one of our favorite places on the planet?! We enjoyed 2 days at the happiest place on earth and then enjoyed an evening with my beloved U2. (That is a post all it's own) Granted I did hurt my foot while there and to this day it is still bothering me but it was all worth it I tell ya. It's always a blast to go with Matt to Disneyland and I hope we have many more trips in our future:)

On our way!

Waited 2 hours for this ride. I can't wait for the newness to be done so we don't have to wait so long next time. Totally worth it though!

Paddle away dear!
The new Little Mermaid ride. I was so excited for this one!
We just missed the opening of this ride:(

At least Corn Dog Castle was finally reopened!

Look! Matt finally made a face on a ride!!

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n!c said...

I nearly fell out of my chair. Yes!! You are back to blogging. Looks like a fun trip.