Friday, May 21, 2010

8th Grade Promotion

Today was the last day of school. Yippee! We will see how long yippee actually last though. Kristina promoted from 8th grade and is now going to be an actual high schooler. Yikes! Sorry but that scares the living you know what out of me! We are so proud of you stinker! Her promotion ceremony was great. Short, sweet, and to the point. Just the way I like it. The main gripe is though why the heck was it as 8:45 in the morning? What about the parents that work and want to be there. Another thing it was at the same time as the honor roll assembly at the grade school which meant that Matt and I had to spit up to be there for the kiddos. That totally stinks. I would've loved to make it to both. Who's bright idea was it?! Riley made Principal's Honor Roll yet again and also got runner up for the most AR points in the school! Way to go Riley-Boo!! We are so proud of you. Sam made honor roll! You rock Mr. Sam!! It was a good last day of school. After all that excitement we decided to go see Shrek and let the kids pick out something for all their hard work. Riley of course got a book, Sam got a book about cities (yes, my kids are weird when it comes to stuff like that. At least they are smarter than me...Thank heavens!) and of course Kristina got herself some more Twilight shirts. Seriously, can you own too many Twilight shirts?? I am beginning to think so. We ended the day with some BK and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Fun start to the summer. Let's hope it keeps up!

Some pics from Kristina's ceremony.

I still can't figure out where the time went? We did she grow up? Also when the heck did she get so darn tall???
Ma and Kristina
Ma, Kristina, and Maraye

Daddy and his (big) little girl!
The 2 dorkie Buckos!


Kyla said...

Nice melons...

And congrats to Kristina! Holy cow you're old girl! And I'm loving your hair Joele, very sexy friend!

Rubalcavas said...

I can't believe how much your kids have grown up! Miss you guys!

CASSIE said...

I seriously cant believe that! Time does fly! Congrats Kristina!

Lana and Terry said...

Are you kidding me? How did your kids get so big and is Christina really going to be in 9th grade? I can still see you with your cute little face and curly hair, Joele! Now you have cute, grown up kids!!